CLOSED: Secret savings hack contest for April 27: Win a $25 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card!

Emily Helwig When you get a 20% coupon but you don't need anything from them at the moment, save it. Those 20% coupons that you get in the mail never expire, so you can save them for when you actually need it next. Also Bed Bath & beyond allows you to stack coupons, their only rule is that you can only use as many coupons as the amount of items you are buying. So the more impulse buys you make (it's hard not to!) the more savings you can add to your purchase!

CLOSED: Secret savings hack contest for April 20: Win a $25 Michael's gift card!

Emily Helwig Make sure (if you fall in these categories) to take advantage of the teacher/military/senior discounts. Military/seniors can get up to 10% off and teachers up to 15% off! Also if you are looking for some little doodad things for DIY projects, definitely check out the dollar bin, I'm not sure they are at all stores but I know they always have some sort of discount bin ranging from 50 cents to $5!

EXTENDED! Secret savings hack contest for April 7: Win a $25 Dollar Tree gift card!

Emily Helwig Some Dollar Tree's carry the local paper for a discounted price. This way you can even save on those coupons (in the newspaper) that we look for everytime! Also Dollar Tree has the tendency to carry major brands sometimes, especially in terms of bread. Get all those brands and freeze them to cut out your monthly bill of bread. And again, if you have any cash back apps like, "Ibotta or Mobisave", USE them!! I've saved so much money just by using the apps in store and getting cash back for things I buy. :) Implementing all these hacks, I've saved around $30+!