What's wrong with this post's title?

I'll add this is all the guidelines say about titles...


When entering your deal's description, create a clear and concise deal title. Avoid typos and mispellings or your Accuracy Score will be negatively impacted. Don't add extraneous words or promotional language, keep it basic and to the point, 

Good: "50% Off + Free Shipping for New Customers"
Bad: "Hurry! Save 50% and you also get free shipping!!"

So does the percentage have to be in front of the rest of the title? Cause otherwise I don't see what I did wrong.

What's wrong with this post's title?

Emily Helwig How is that different besides switching the words around? Like I said, too picky. It's the same thing. If it's absolutely necessary for the percentage to be listed before the rest of the title it needs to specifically say that in the rules, how are people supposed to know? It just sounds like to me someone just happens to not like how something looks or sounds.

(P.S.) I couldn't edit my comment so I had to post another reply. So I guess that's another bug.

What's wrong with this post's title?

I'm also going to add that for some reason when trying to upload a question about something like this, it'll refuse to upload if I include a screenshot, this happened to me the last few times I made a post about something too. So if I add a screenshot it has to be through editing the post, I can't just directly upload it on there.

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What's wrong with this post's title?

I just tried to submit this question and for some reason it disappeared after hitting submit, that's happened to me a few times prior, so I'm posting it again. I didn't lose any points this time but I want to know what was wrong with this title? It seems to me that someone's just being picky or doesn't like how something looks/sounds. I don't see what's wrong with it. This stuff is very frusterating. https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-browning-spring-weather-gear-up-to-59-off-at-field-supp