Yard Saling!

Love all of these ideas--- one thing I always tell people is not to be afraid to bargain. When I have yard sales of my own, I price things above what I actually hope to get out of it, so I have room to negotiate ;)

Also, timing is everything. Go early for the best selections, but if you go at the end of the sale, you're more likely to find people willing to come down to get it gone! :)

Travel Savings!

Tabitha Pack food for the trip! We've done MANY cross country road trips and it is insane how fast those little trips to the convenience store or drive thrus will add up... even just having your own drinks can save a ton--- if you're driving anyway!

Also train travel can be cheaper than flying! Kids travel at half price! If you get a room it adds a larger expense but if you can sleep in your seat, it can be a huge savings...and great experience too.

Best place to find grocery coupons?

Ellen LaFleche-Christian Have you tried writing to the companies you like? I haven't done it in awhile (why I don't know lol), but if you send an email and just say something like, "I love using your products but would love to see about getting some coupons", and leave your address they will often send them. I've found they tended to be higher value coupons too, some even free deals. :)