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Pet Insurance?

Has anyone ever gotten pet insurance for their furry family members? I seriously considered it a couple months ago and now I wish I had followed through. Our cat is sick. We're up to $250 spent and we still don't know what's wrong with her.

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Emily Helwig Start watching in June for back to school sales. Shop all the lowest price deals every week - they have 10 cent notebooks, 25 cent crayons or packs of glue sticks. I always by the max allowed amout of all the lowest price things. Sometimes you have to make a $5 purchase to get the really cheap stuff. So I'll look for things I need that are on sale in the $1-$2 range to get my $5 miniumum purchase.

Back to school sales usually run through the end of September. So if you stop in most weeks for the best of the best deals, you'll have a nice school supply stockpile when it's over with!

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Who is with me this morning?