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Hey influencers, I know we've said this before but wanted to share again for any newbies who've joined.

You're more than welcome to promote any of your recent blog posts, YouTube videos, or other content right here on the feed! Think of it as another social media platform, where you can get more eyes and feedback on any new content that you post — and it doesn't even have to be content from the Marketplace.

Would love to start seeing some of your other content on the feed as well!

@carolynsrvlife Thank you so much! I just joined today. I create YouTube videos about my life and travels as a 51 year old full time RVer. I also travel with my dog Capone and am currently making videos about my summer in Alaska! Check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfqr5I-0RKK8Ha1PeKi0_ig
@KimberlyEurel Hi and thank you so much for inviting us newbies to use this as a platform! I am a fashion blogger and style influencer and I'd be more than pleased to have my new internet family check me out and offer any feedback/comments for the content that I've posted. Also feel free to contact me regarding any opportunities that pertain to you for my "Statement Maker of the Day" and "Makeup Artist Monday" features @ https://www.iamkimberlyeurel.com
Rachel Auerbach I'm so excited to see all of this!

Kale vs Spinach

I really am not a kale person, but I've heard good things about health benefits. I do love spinach though, which Popeye told me is good for my strength ;) Does anyone know a tasty way to eat kale (not raw) or will I be safe just sticking with spinach?

@carolynsrvlife I've found that if I chop it up super tiny, I can add it to any dish and not even know it's there. I get the benefits without the ickyness! Good luck!
chantal cooper particularly my vegan minestrone soup
chantal cooper I add it into a few of my soups..
Kevin Tietz You could juice it, but I love Kale in wraps. I am not a big fan of spinach....so just the opposite.
Giselle Krachenfels Trader joe's kale chips are to die for! the ones with cashew butter & tahini are delicious
Lori Felix Kale is great in smoothies too
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