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Tracking Of Links Shared On Social Media Portals

Whenever you share links on social media portals, are you capable of properly attributing your site traffic to that relevant link?

Analytics can assist you understanding & analyze referral traffic coming from several social media portals, unless the specific URLs you share are properly tagged, your Google Analytics reports will not tell you which specific social media links drove the traffic at your website.

Tracking of links allows you to perform exactly tracking specific link you share on social media. You will know if social media traffic came from a link you shared on a Facebook, tweeter post, or via LinkedIn group.

If you know how much traffic are you getting from a specific link, then it will perfectly tell you how popular it is & which channel is most effective for the type of links you share.

In this blog, we are showing you a tool which you can use to identify specific social media traffic so that you can track the success of your campaigns more accurately.

Use Google Campaign URL Builder

Google Campaign URL Builder is a completely free of cost tool for you that lets you create custom URLs with UTM parameters so that you can easily track the performance of those links in Analytics. UTMs are tags that you add to the end of the URL & they are used to track custom campaigns in Analytics.

Custom Website URL

The site address of the link you want to track.

Your Campaign Source

Here you will specify where you are sharing your link, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Once you have set, the Source parameter will let you know in Google Analytics from which portal the traffic is coming from.

Your Campaign Medium

This explains Google Analytics in the specific type of source or medium that is driving traffic to your site. We are talking about the links you share on social, so this can be either a paid advertisement or a regular post.

Your Campaign Name

Provide unique name to social media links that you want to track so you can perfectly identify it in Google Analytics.

The Campaign Term

If you want to share link in a social media ad, there you will enter the keyword you use to target the paid ad.

The Campaign’s Unique Content

This is mostly used for ads. I.e. if you have different ads landing to the same page so you can add content tag to differentiate all of your ads. From this way you can observe in Analytics which ads are driving traffic to your landing page.

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