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Maylin Ramos Alvarez This is a certified deal, you can check the discounts just looking at the web site

Gift card delays


Axcel Rojas This is an other very important thing. In the last two days I've been earning between 25 and 30 points in each validations, with an Accuracy Score of 33. I think that this can't be right. With an Accuracy of 29 I was earning between 53 and 56. I didn't have problems like this when I was starting. I hope that this is just something temporary as a result of the optimization.

Manuel Alejandro Fernández Serrano commented on this deal for Bon-Ton
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Rosselyn Barroyeta Fantastic!


Amanda Noriega Nice


Steve Cook Like.


Lois Black nice deal

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Jose Luis Diaz that good


Amy L Graves very good!


Johnny great deal

Accuracy Score


Hi, I want to know how it's the deal with the accuracy score. I do validations but some reason my accuracy goes up and down a lot. Sometimes I reach a score of 12 but then goes down to 4.