What´s wrong with this deal?

Paola Vanessa Briceño Araujo it's gramatically incorrect and redundant. "Go to Glambot and use this promotional code to save 10% off your order. Just go and apply this coupon code in your shopping bag at checkout." Tips are for giving any information or suggest to get the deal. If you say "go to Clambot and use this promotional code..." and after that you say "Just go and apply...", considering the fact that just go to... to where..? I think that would be better if you say:

"Just apply this coupon code in the checkout section to save 10% off on your order. There may be some exclusions that apply to this deal".

Important update for our most active deal posters!

Vicki Floyd considering the fact that as reactivating won't be so rewarding there might be the possibility that people just don't reactivate deals and the coupons will be "expired" and customers won't be interested into using it. I do agreed about decreasing points but not that low. There are another ways to remove the unhelpful behavior instead of decreasing the points drastically. I think... Let's see what they bring us, also the new guide line would be very useful to unify our deals.