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Important update for our most active deal posters!

Hello everyone!

We wanted to let you know about some changes we’re making to our deal posting, validation, and points systems which will impact our active deal posters.

As you know, the goal of running our community validation system is to partner with you to ensure that we have excellent coverage of deals across all stores on Dealspotr.

Furthermore, our goal is to reward our most helpful members with the most points.

Unfortunately, we do see some unhelpful activity on the site, where some users utilize various techniques to inflate their points, whereas their actions don’t help the community. One example of this is with frequent reactivation of codes. Some users post codes with short expiration dates, leaving them for others to reactivate shortly after they expire. This is done even for codes that have long expiration dates.

The downside of this activity is that 1) it does not help shoppers by providing more useful deals that they need and 2) by garnering large volumes of points, we have fewer points to allocate to the truly helpful members.

In light of this, we’re making some changes to our system to help ensure that unhelpful activity is stopped, while helpful activity earns even more points.

First, if you are following a pattern of abusing reactivations, your account will be flagged and you’ll lose points, plus your Accuracy Score may be decreased. Furthermore, we may limit your ability to set specific expiration dates.

Second, we’re increasing points for our Shopper Requested Stores section. We’re going to continue to improve this feature, our goal is to encourage all of our active deal posters to focus on this section. If you find deals for these stores, this is truly helpful to the community, since shoppers are looking for these deals, and we currently don’t have them.

So you now earn 3x as many points for validations on Shopper Requested stores.

Here are some tips to earn more points with Shopper Requests:

  • Check the “Needs verification” section for codes that have not been validated for a while. Once you reach the store’s checkout page, you can quickly test out a bunch of codes and validate the ones that work. You’ll earn 3x points for each validation you make this way.
  • When looking at any store page, open the “View timeline” link. In there, you’ll find handy links to jump straight to sources for deals for that store. This is a quick way to check for deals you can add.
  • A great way to earn points is to find Single-Use Codes for Shopper Requested stores. Try signing up for a store's email list, and see if they send you a single-use code. You can add these and earn points just like you would for a normal code.
  • Be sure to click the “I just checked, no new coupons” link if you did not find any deals. By doing this, you’ll know you’re helping your fellow deal posters by removing that store from the Shopper Requests list. If the community collaborates in doing this, you’ll find deals more quickly, since you won’t be duplicating efforts with other community members.

Please try out this section, and let us know if you have any feedback.