Problem With My Gift Card.


Juan Sanchez si quieres me escribes por mp.. yo trabaja aqui muchisimo.. he dejado de hacerlo por falta de internet... y me han pagado las 10GC que he pedido.. ya a partir de mañana comienzo de nuevo porque tengo pensado irme del pais

Problem With My Gift Card.


Mary Ángela Gutiérrez It lasts 24 hours or a little more to get quiet .. what I asked is that how long since you asked for it hard to say "sent" you lasted 7 or 15 days?

gift card does not arrive


angelo dadona How long do you have to say "sent"?

Have you fixed the delivery time of the gift cards? Greetings from Venezuela..!


@toriadavid oh great and I'm motivated to work again with that news that they are giving again every 7 days

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Anthony Cortez Looks really good.


liliana vela excelent


Harold Andrade Great deal


Luis Enrique Rojas Moya Nice Deal

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Natasha Boet Good deal!


Rodolfo Guevara good deal

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Martin awesome

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