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I´m coming back... hope my accu wont go underground levels this time...

Reactivations and edits question.

Jose Reinaldo Briceño Emily Helwig Emilio Ramirez Honestly, isn´t better to fire to us all? and no more deal seekers... and install a robotized app that make reactivations, delete or add Deals? because the revamp indicate that we have to work now the double to achieve the same results than before, and wait 7 days crossing fingers to be paid as if we are playing lottery. First we have to double check to see if we type a double blank space between words to prevent get flagged, and lose 5 points of accuracy that will cost a couple of week of validations/reactivations to recover. And now it will be 4 weeks? ...what´s next? we will receive the giftcard in a month after making a detailed poll between all the comunity people to say "yes" and then analyze the account to proceed to pay?

If You "Dealspotr" want to have a good team of dealseekers or dealfinder, whatever, So nothing cost to YOU to Ask what we think about "that thing" that is needed to be a better site to spend time working/helping/ (-here- I would say "having fun" but now is nothing funny). I have some familiar issue so I was inactive from a week ago, now I am returning to resume the work but that is what I find, I am thinking to finish this bar of point and redeem the giftcard and quit... its a shame that we each time have to do more and more work and what we receive? less joy...

Reactivations and edits question.

Emily Helwig I am coming back from a week full of issues on my family and a big urgency with my babygirl, to find that I have to work twice the time i did before to reach the less than before... unfair, I was motivated and wanted to stay all my live as a dealseeker but that make me to sad. All the people I talked to about this site will meet a crash