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Jimmy Doheny Red! But I usually go with whatever has the coolest label
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Jimmy Doheny Great video, I love the intro graphics and editing overall.

Vodool smart plug review on YouTube Channel

Hi Friends,

We would like to recruit influencers to review vodool smart plug or scale on Youtube.

Here are links of products.

Scale: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BK3KK27Smart Plug: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C1KLX9D


1. Subscriber: 100K

2. Average video view: 10K

If you have any interest, please apply for this campaign. Thank you.


Look forward to cooperating with you.

Best Regards,


Jimmy Doheny Commenting so all my followers see this! Vodool is a great electronics brand with smart products for your everyday life.
Jimmy Doheny Thanks for sharing, great gift guide for the upcoming holiday.

Merchants: Use Interests to reach shoppers in your category

Dealspotr users follow specific Interests to discover and discuss the latest deals in their favorite categories, such as Fashion, Electronics, and more. As a merchant, you can share deals directly to specific interests to reach these shoppers.

To share a deal, follow these steps:

1) Find the deal on Dealspotr

2) Click "Share"

3) Click "Share with" to find and select an Interest

4) Click the green "Share" button

Pro-tip: include a Comment when sharing the deal to highlight things like exclusions or redemption pointers.

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When traveling do you opt for an Airbnb or a hotel?

I've never stayed at an Airbnb, but I feel like it would be a great option.

Jimmy Doheny I generally choose Airbnb since they're usually cheaper. But if I can find a nice hotel at a comparable rate, I'll choose the hotel.
Mary Anne Velasco Hotel for me. Have never tried Airbnb yet.

Hey influencers! Have you ever wanted to have a hand of a cyborg?

Well, now you can! :)

The wooden Hand is fully functional and very entertaining. You can use the hand to pick up items or trick your friends. The set consists of almost 200 pieces and assembling is accessible both for adults and children!

We are offering 5 free sets of ‘Wooden mechanical model Hand’s’ in exchange for a promotional review.

This deal is only for influencers with more than 2,000 followers on social networks.

Before applying to our campaign, please ask yourself these questions:

- Do I like to assemble and play with a wooden mechanical hand?

- Are wooden mechanical models interesting for my followers?

- Will wooden mechanical model’s review fit my blog/channel/social media account?

- Am I capable of assembling a wooden mechanical model?

If you have 4 “Yes’s” – please apply for the campaign, we are waiting for you ;)

Jimmy Doheny Commenting to bring awareness to potential influencers!
Samantha Cooper Wow! That is so amazing!
Artemiy Shvedkov Wow! I want this wooden hand!
Emily Helwig Never have I ever wished I was an influencer more than with this campaign. Looks so fun!!!
Jimmy Doheny Great post, I've always wanted to try making yogurt.
Craft or Salming - very comfy and good fits.
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Jimmy Doheny I haven't heard of those, I'll have to check them out for my upcoming races.
keith fairburn Craft or Salming - very comfy and good fits.

Which stores do you think will have the best Memorial Day sales?

I know Macy's and Levi's will definitely offer some great discounts

Jimmy Doheny Also Saatva!
Jimmy Doheny I know many mattress stores have big sales for Memorial Day. I'd keep an eye on Purple and Eight Sleep in the online mattress space