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Kale vs Spinach

I really am not a kale person, but I've heard good things about health benefits. I do love spinach though, which Popeye told me is good for my strength ;) Does anyone know a tasty way to eat kale (not raw) or will I be safe just sticking with spinach?

Lori Felix Kale is great in smoothies too
chantal cooper particularly my vegan minestrone soup
chantal cooper I add it into a few of my soups..
@carolynsrvlife I've found that if I chop it up super tiny, I can add it to any dish and not even know it's there. I get the benefits without the ickyness! Good luck!
Kevin Tietz You could juice it, but I love Kale in wraps. I am not a big fan of spinach....so just the opposite.
Giselle Krachenfels Trader joe's kale chips are to die for! the ones with cashew butter & tahini are delicious
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