Influencers — let brands know you're available for opportunities!

If you haven't noticed yet, we've added a neat new feature to the Dealspotr Marketplace that allows influencers to alert brands that they're open to new sponsorhip opportunities.

If you'll look right over here on the home page:


You'll see the option to change your marketplace status to "open to opportunities." Just click that switch, and you'll be listed as accepting opportunities for 7 days. Once expired, just click again to activate!

The best part about this switch is that when toggled on, you'll be listed first in our Influencer Directory, which is where brands come to search for potential influencer partners. Check it out here:

So when you're ready to start accepting opportunities in the Marketplace, don't forget to toggle your marketplace status to open to opportunities :)

Samantha Cooper Awesome!! Thank you for the tip!
Emily Helwig No prob!
Jimmy Doheny Great way for brands to find the most active influencers who are looking to collaborate.
Anaid Salazar Excellent information
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Hey influencers! Have you ever wanted to have a hand of a cyborg?

Well, now you can! :)

The wooden Hand is fully functional and very entertaining. You can use the hand to pick up items or trick your friends. The set consists of almost 200 pieces and assembling is accessible both for adults and children!

We are offering 5 free sets of ‘Wooden mechanical model Hand’s’ in exchange for a promotional review.

This deal is only for influencers with more than 2,000 followers on social networks.

Before applying to our campaign, please ask yourself these questions:

- Do I like to assemble and play with a wooden mechanical hand?

- Are wooden mechanical models interesting for my followers?

- Will wooden mechanical model’s review fit my blog/channel/social media account?

- Am I capable of assembling a wooden mechanical model?

If you have 4 “Yes’s” – please apply for the campaign, we are waiting for you ;)
Samantha Cooper Wow! That is so amazing!
Jimmy Doheny Commenting to bring awareness to potential influencers!
Artemiy Shvedkov Wow! I want this wooden hand!
Emily Helwig Never have I ever wished I was an influencer more than with this campaign. Looks so fun!!!