Series of unfair invalidations by other users

Emily Helwig

Hi Emily. Thanks for the info.

About this deal, , the store does offer Free shipping, and you can see shown in the left hand side of the homepage, "Free Shipping on all USA orders $95+". Does that not count?

Also, lately, every single deal I post on Dealspotr gets flagged, no matter how hard I try to get it right, which made me wonder if there is a bug. Most of the time the reason is the following:

" Oops! Your validation: 10% Off Any Purchases at Teami Blends was flagged for the following reason: Information about your deal was entered incorrectly or omitted. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! "

This reason is so vague that I cannot figure out what I have to do to get it right the next time around. Can you please tell me as to what exactly this means?

Also, it is a dilemma all the time I post personal referral codes. When I disclose a deal with the promotion type as personal referral code, it is edited by another user (usually by couponaddict) and my deal gets invalidated and accuracy score affected. However, when I do not disclose a deal as a personal referral code my deal is still invalidated with the reason that I haven't disclosed it as a personal referral code. I would sincerely appreciate if moderators can double check "EDITS" by other users before penalizing the deal poster as some validators edit deals incorrectly and with no apparent reason.

Another issue is that I get notifications that my deals have saved users money almost every other day, but how much I saved never updates on my social profile. The amount I saved shoppers has remained the same since more than a month ago and never changes.

I would like to kindly request clarifications on the following deals:

My apologies on the links clumping together as there seems to be no other way to separate them while posting. I tried numbering the list but then the reply does not post. It keeps spinning and loading. Separating the links with the return key also does not help as the links still clump together.

Thanks in advance

Series of unfair invalidations by other users

Emily Helwig

I would like to know about these deals and their invalidations. Some users have changed the expiration date and promotion type on the deal with no explanation or evidence for the edit. I am sure I double-checked the expiry and promotion type before advertising them.