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Athleta Coupons & Promo Codes

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You can find deeply discounted Athleta products sold at Amazon.

Athleta Couponing & Savings Guide

Specializing in women’s yoga and fitness apparel, Athleta is owned and operated by Gap Inc. The store has seen dramatic growth in the last few years, offering high quality workout clothing at a price that consumers have come to expect from Gap brands.

The store currently operates 100 brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to offering a great in-store experience, Athleta has an easy-to-use web store that is very similar to its sister companies.

Dealspotr is always looking for ways to save shoppers money. With that in mind, we have created this helpful list of ways to save money when you are looking for fitness apparel from Athleta.

Shop with a GapCard, Banana Republic Card, or Old Navy Credit Card

What They Are

Although Athleta does not have its own designated store credit card, it accepts cards from other Gap Inc. affiliates. That means your GapCard, Banana Republic Card, or Old Navy Credit Card is not only a valid form of payment at Atheta, it also accumulates points and rewards at the same rate as at those stores. Shoppers can also apply for a Visa-backed membership; this allows members to use the card at any location that accepts Visa.

How They Work

For every dollar spent on items at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Athleta using a Gap Inc. credit card, the consumer earns 5 points. When the customer has gathered 500 points, a $5 reward coupon is earned. This coupon can be used at any of the brand's affiliate stores. Visa card holders earn 1 point for every dollar spent outside of Gap Inc. stores.

There are other benefits to being a Gap Inc. credit card holder. These benefits include several offers like opportunities to earn bonus points, 10% off Tuesdays, a birthday reward, special event access, and no receipt needed for returns.

Insider Tip

All Gap Inc. credit cards have an elite level of membership, giving the biggest spenders additional layers of benefits and point-earning bonuses. The more you shop at Gap stores with your credit card, the more cash-back you can receive.

Take Advantage of Coupons, Promotions, and Discounted Merchandise

How Promotions at Athleta Work

While Athleta occasionally offers paper coupons, the best way to make the most of your money is through sales and promotions, whether in-store or online. Most in-store sales do not require a coupon or promo code; they are applied automatically at the register. It is a bit more mixed for online shoppers, with some promotions requiring a code and others being applied automatically.

The Athleta web store makes it easy to find sales items; in fact, the store has an entire page dedicated to sales items. This should always be the first place to head when you arrive at On the Athleta sales page items can be broken down into categories such as pants, shorts, and skirts. Additionally, shoppers can search through items that are classified as New Markdowns, Almost Gone, or Further Markdowns.

Insider Tip

Like most Gap Inc. brick-and-mortar locations, Athleta stores keep discounted merchandise on racks in the back. Like the sales page is to the web store, the store's rear is to physical locations; it should always be the first place shoppers head when buying Athleta merchandise.

Follow Athleta on Social Media

Where to Find Athleta on Social Media

Athleta maintains a very extensive social media presence, with profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These accounts post everything from fitness advice to new seasonal fashions, plus they often announce sales and promotions through social media.

Why You Should Follow Athleta

By following the brand on these sites, consumers can plan their purchases in advance. Keep an especially close eye on the brand's social media sites during seasonal changes because the store often offers promotions on new arrivals and outgoing merchandise.

There is limited availability on these seasonal sale items, so it pays for shoppers to be fast-acting during these periods. Following Athleta's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages is an easy way for consumers to be up-to-date on all of the brand's sales.

Insider Tip

To better plan your shopping trips around Athleta sales, sign up for the email list. Customers on the email list find out about new collections first, are reminded of all sales and exclusives, and receive helpful fitness articles. Plus, Gap Inc. card members earn 500 bonus points just for registering an email with Athleta.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards Through

What Is

Consumers are able to buy and sell unwanted or used gift cards through Almost every retailer has gift cards for sale on the site, including Athleta, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and many more. has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How It Works

By shopping at for discounted Athleta cards, consumers can save as much as 8% on gift cards from Athleta. That means for every $25 gift card purchased, you only pay $23. When you purchase a physical gift card through, it is shipped for free via USPS and is covered by the site’s Purchase Guarantee Program.

Insider Tip

One of the great things about is that shoppers are not limited to physical gift cards. In addition to mailing its customers cards, mobile and electronic cards are available. Because these “cards” are emailed to the shopper the next business day, they are a great choice for shoppers trying to catch the end of a soon-to-expire sale.

Use the Price Adjustment Program

What It Is

Essentially, this program offers a one-time adjustment on any recently-purchased merchandise that goes on sale shortly after the purchase.

Athleta's price adjustment program has some restrictions on the types of items that are eligible. Items bought with a promotional discount are not eligible. Items with a free-shipping promotion or rewards certificate are eligible, however. Online purchases cannot be price-adjusted in-store, instead, email or call Athleta for your refund.

Insider Tip

Athleta's price adjustment program is valid on items purchased within 14 days. If you have recently purchased an item from the store at full-price, look out for any upcoming sales in case you can capitalize on the program.