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Q&A with Jacob and Vanessa of Cash Cow Couple

Emily Helwig published this article

Cash Cow Couple is a blog focus on personal finance and becoming financially independent. It's been run by husband and wife bloggers Jacob and Vanessa for over 4 years, from their home base of Lubbock, Texas.

Fastest-Growing Careers for Women in 2017

Angela Brown published this article

This article highlights some of the fastest growing women-dominating industries. We also cover a few industries where the presence of women isn't as high, but there is still plenty of room to grow.

Q&A with Ivy Boyter of SAHM, Plus...

Emily Helwig published this article

SAHM, plus... is a parenting blog about writer Ivy Boyter's life as a stay at home mom. She shares parenting advice, plus stories of the things that make her more than a mom. The blog was founded in 2012, and Ivy operates from sunny Florida.

20 Useful Mobile Apps for Senior Citizens

Dealspotr published this article

Mobile apps can promote major lifestyle improvements for senior citizens. Therefore, we decided to write an extensive guide full of useful apps that will help elderly people live a more pleasant life.

15 Free Tools to Research Your Family Tree

Dealspotr published this article

Finding your ancestors might be harder than you think. In fact, without the proper knowledge, it's impossible to find your family tree. This article provides free resources and tips that will help you track down your roots.

The History of the Battery

Dealspotr published this article

It took us more than two centuries to create today’s batteries, and believe it or not, it all started with a frog.

15 Ways to Save Money at ULTA

Dealspotr published this article

Looking for ways to save money at ULTA? We've found 15 amazing tips that will help you save money and look good at the same time!

The History of the Diaper

Dealspotr published this article

The history of diapers and their transformation from the ancient times to today's modern Pampers is interesting (to say the least). And this article explains everything in details.