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Brookstone Coupons & Promo Codes

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You can find deeply discounted Brookstone products sold at Amazon.

Brookstone Couponing & Savings Guide

Now in operation for 50 years, Brookstone is a leader in providing consumers with the most innovative and functional products on the market. The store has evolved from a simple mail order catalogue to a full-fledged retail powerhouse, with 300 locations across the United States and a large online store.

Here at Dealspotr, it is our goal to save customers as much money as possible on their purchases. With that goal in mind, we have created the following steps that can help you achieve significant savings at Brookstone.

Look For Brookstone Coupons and Promo Codes

What Is Brookstone’s Coupon and Promotion Policy

Brookstone offers a wide range of promotions, clearance sales, and coupons. While the store does not have a designated coupon page at its online store, promotional codes and printable coupons can be found through outside websites like Dealspotr. Despite lacking a coupon page, there are several great places to find discounts and promotions at

How to Take Advantage of Brookstone Sales and Promotions

Find sales on everything from Electronics to Bedroom Items to Outdoor Furniture and much more at Brookstone’s online sales and clearance page. Customers can save between 20%-70% on a wide range of the store's diverse inventory of items.

Another great way to save money when shopping at Brookstone is to wait for seasonal transitions. Promotions like the Pool & Beach Sale arise at the end of summer, offering clearance prices on out-of-season items. End-of-season sales give shoppers the opportunity to save big and stock up for the next year.

A third well-known promotion from Brookstone is its limited-time "2 For Deals!". This sale is fairly self-explanatory; customers save money by purchasing two of any item. Typically the second item is either marked 50% off or the customer gets $5 off when two items are bought. Most of the items are of the sort that it would make sense to have multiples like pillows, specialty apparel, or kitchenware.

Insider Tip

Brookstone does not offer its customers a price adjustment or price match policy. The price of your initial purchase from the store or online is always final. If you are not in a big hurry to make a purchase, it always pays to take some time and see if it goes on sale; this is especially true for seasonal items.

Shop With Discounted Gift Cards From

What It Is is an innovative online service that allows consumers to buy and sell unwanted gift cards. The site sells physical gift cards, which are shipped for free and are fully guaranteed. E-Gift cards are also available, perfect for online shopping enthusiasts.

Many of the world’s most popular stores have gift cards listed on Some of these stores include Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and Brookstone.

How It Works

All available gift cards are arranged in list form. This makes it easy for the shopper to find the denomination he or she requires, as well as compare discount percentages. Find Brookstone gift cards for 15% off on right here.

Insider Tip

Printable vouchers can also be purchased from Because the vouchers are quickly emailed to the customers, they are perfect for catching the tail end of a soon-to-expire sale.

Shop at Third Party Retailers

Who Sells Brookstone Merchandise?

While most shoppers would assume the only place to get Brookstone merchandise is through the company's official web store or their brick-and-mortar locations, that is actually quite false. One of the best ways to save money on Brookstone items is to shop around and look at online third-party retailers such as

Why You Should Buy There

Admittedly, shopping on does not offer the same vast selection that is found on the official Brookstone web store. However, on the items that are listed through Amazon, many can be purchased at a better price than on

Insider Tip

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you should always shop for Brookstone items through While offers its customers free shipping on purchases that total over $99, that policy cannot compete with Amazon Prime members' automatic free 2-day shipping on orders of any cost.

Follow Brookstone on Social Media

Why You Should Follow Brookstone

Brookstone has a fairly robust social media presence, with accounts through Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. The store often announces sales through these sites and occasionally offers limited-time coupons, so be sure to check all of their social media accounts with regularity, particularly if you plan to make a purchase in the near future.

Insider Tip

Another great way to save money at Brookstone is by signing up for the store's e-newsletter. This email list regularly sends out information on the latest product announcements, pre-sale exclusives, and email-only coupons and sales. It only takes a few minutes and can save you a great deal of cash.