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Probiotic Maker

$47.77 off of New ProbioticMaker!

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About the product / service

World's First and Only In-Bottle Probiotic Yogurt/Kefir/Keto/Protein Shake Maker!!!

• Probiotic Benefits: There are over 140 incredible benefits from probiotics in general (look great, feel great, boost immune system, mood/sleep, healthy guy...)

• Freshest Probiotics Available: Grow trillions of 11 fresh probiotics that start working overnight (pills can take weeks).

• Perfect Temperature: Yogurt too hot (can kill mesophilic) while kefir too cool (for thermophilic to thrive). ProbioticMaker targets body temperature for both thermophilic (yogurt) and mesophilic(kefir). If you want probiotics to thrive at body temperature then why not grow them at body temperature?!

• Save Money: Each gallon batch is equivalent to hundreds of pills, 47 probiotic drinks, 32 yogurt cups, 64 yogurt tubes… so you are going to save a fortune every month!

• Save Time: Only 1 minute prep – don’t dirty a single dish! Prepare an entire gallon for delicious ready-to-go breakfast, snack, meal replacement, boost…

• Delicious: Makes the freshest, most-delicious probiotics/yogurt/kefir that you finish and flavor as desired. It tastes so good that even kids are begging for more (now kids and adults beg for something inexpensive that is also good for them!!!).

• You are in Charge of Nutrition: No more preservatives, artificial ingredients, sugary, unhealthy, processed foods. Now you control the fat, sugar, flavors, milk type, tartness, thickness…

• Fat Free: Use skim milk to make amazing fat-free probiotic protein shakes (inventor lost over 24 pounds with no exercise all while saving room for more pie – see photos).

• Keto/Adkins/Paleo: Use full-fat milk and the probiotics consume the natural sugars to grow so you can flavor without carbs for a low-/no-carb KETO Shake.

• Milk Alternatives: Also works with a variety of milk alternatives with natural sugars and no preservatives. Make thicker versions with high-protein milk alternatives.

• Greek Yogurt/Kefir/Cream Cheese: Strain off the whey to make authentic Greek yogurt or strain even more to make fresh kefir cheese/cream cheese.

• Premium Light-Weight Design: Handmade in the USA with the best materials and space-age technology including 100%-recycled graphite and insulation.

• Save the Planet: Each batch can save over 100 pieces of plastic and garbage from polluting our oceans and landfills!

Current promotion is only for the USA for now. We would like to secure distribution for Canada and Mexico and then expand promotion into those countries. We are also working with group for distribution of 230V EU cord version in Europe.

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