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Dealspotr Exclusive: Up to 74% Off SMARTOMI Christmas Month Sale From $12.99

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About the product / service

SMARTOMI this Christmas offers great deals from $12.99.

[MERXMS58] → ($12.99)Hap-2 Foldable Neckband Headset [MERXMS32] → ($16.99)ERA Running Headphones Sports Wireless Earphones [MERXMS18] → ($40.99)ACE Mini TWS Bluetooth Headphones [MERXMS35] → ($25.98)Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds(Black) [MERXMSQ5] → ($25.98)Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds(White) [MERXMS21] → ($19.69)WIT Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Sound Earphones [MERXMS23] → ($25.99)HAP-1 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones [MERXMS25] → ($39.69)MOTTO Active Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Earphones All the codes will be posted on SMARTOMI store page. Enter to get your favorite one! XD Valid on selected items while stock lasts.