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Dealspotr Exclusive: 20% Off All Kid Watches at My Gift Stop

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About the product / service

My Gift Stop is an online shop offering luxury goods that’s dedicated to giving back to society, donating 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief.

Our direct relationship with manufacturers and being an official retailer of some of the world’s most popular watch brands like Lego and Easy Time Teller, all offered at heavily discounted prices, makes us the go to place for kid watches!


You can select one of these five watches to include in your blog post as well as to share our $300 Gift Card Giveaway, that can be used towards the purchase of any product on our site for men, women, and children.

Watches Kids Will LOVE

Lego, known for its fun toys and amusement parks, developed a kid’s watch series that little boys and girls will love. The elastic bands and durable faces will make it through most any tot-catastrophe.

Easy Time Teller developed a kid’s watch line that makes telling time a snap! Plus the faces are large enough to get clear visuals on all of the hands, including the seconds! This Time Teaching series is gaining popularity all over the internet. The little rubber fish and animals embedded in the rubber bands make this sporty watch unique and well worth the sale price.

Here is the link to the products: https://www.mygiftstop.com/collections/kids-watches

If approved we will send you a message, and you can let us know the watch you want. You must respond within 24 hours of use contacting you.

About the merchant

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We are seeking both an Instagram post and a blog post. If you can't do both, please do not apply.

About The Campaign:

Kids are learning everything at younger ages than they were decades ago. Since the popularity of digital clocks, some parents and teachers are concerned that kids may not be interested in learning how to tell time the “old-fashioned way.” Although it is taught in most elementary schools, most kids would be thrilled to get a jump on their friends and learn ahead of time.

Manufacturers like Lego and Easy Time Teller are coming up with fun and sporty-looking watches that will help younger kids learn how to tell time. Older kids might be interested in some of the Casio sports watches we offer instead.

Plus, these kids’ watches are so affordable, you won’t be devastated if your little guy or girl misplaces or loses theirs.

Project Description:

We are looking for reputable contributors, like yourself, that can write great reviews, blog articles, share contest, write gift guides and more.

What We Are Offering You

• Cross promotion of your post to our audience of 30,000+

• $300 Gift Card Giveaway for you & your followers

• One of 5 watches (check website for the exact price when you go to post as we are always reducing products)

What We Would Like From You In Exchange For The Above

• Create a blog post that educates, entertains and inspires both your community and ours about My Gift Stop as the place for online gift shopping for watches that kids will love.

• Promote the $300 Gift Card Giveaway, here is the link http://bit.ly/dealspotrkidsplusgiveaway

• Share on Instagram and another social media channel

• Please include copy points along with your own creative/theme of the post...Educate your readers on the company briefly letting them know:

1. My Gift Stop is an online shop offering luxury goods that are dedicated to giving back to society, donating 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief.

2. A place to shop for that last- minute gifts whether for men or women, My Gift Stop has the best selection of luxury and designer brands at incredible prices.

3. Promote the $300 Giveaway

4. Talk about the watch. BUT this post is not a just a review on the watch. You need to tie the review and a theme!


6. Must include 4 links, with My Gift Stop linking to My Gift Stop home page (within the first 2 paragraphs), one to the kids watch selection, one to your watch and one to the contest.

  • Influencer categories: Lifestyle, Family & Parenting, Reviews, Couponing & Saving, Food & Cooking, Crafts & DIY, Tech & Wearables, Education
  • Formats: Blog post or Instagram post
  • Customized promo code? Yes
  • Free product sample: Influencers will receive one of five kid watches, your pick.
  • Images: You are free to use the images provided by the merchant here, or to create your own images.
  • Post requirements: Dedicated posts only - Your blog post or YouTube video should be dedicated to My Gift Stop's product or service.
  • Minimum length for blog posts: 350 words
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