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Dealspotr Exclusive: Wooden Foldable Book Shape Light at Trendowner

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About the product / service

✅Environmental friendly: it just needs USB rechargeable instead of batteries. All it needs it a USB cable that can connect to the computer or the charger. When you open its cover, it will shine until you close it again.

✅Recyclable material: made of environmental wooden applied with lasing cutting. It is a perfect present for anyone you care and the best lamp for home and office decor.

✅Folding: it can be folded right back on itself, which means it can cast a light around 360 degrees. Place it anywhere and don't need to worry about bothering of wire.

✅Simulation Book page with built-in White LED light, just open it, the light will work automatically. 4 colors changeable: warm white/colorful

✅Compact book light can be taken with you on the go and works without cords. Use it outdoors or indoors to provide that extra amount of light that you need.