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Save 30% Off a Year on Unlimited Audio at Curio

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About the product / service

Curio has the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud by professional voice actors.

Curio has the world's best long-form journalism, read aloud by professional voice actors.

Listen to thousands of hours of stories, from publications including:

- The Washington Post

- The Guardian

- The Financial Times

- Aeon Magazine

- Salon

- The Hustle

- Lapham’s Quarterly

- Nautilus

- The Caravan

- Boston Review

- The New Inquiry

- Digitopoly

- The Philosopher’s Beard

- JSTOR Daily

- The Hedgehog Review

- Logic magazine

- The New Criterion

- Open Democracy

- The American Scholar



Become the most interesting person you know.

You can browse by topic, publication, or even the amount of time you have available. When you spot something interesting, just tap and it will be read to you, just like a podcast.

Five minutes spare? Find out what Freud was wrong about.

Got an hour? Hear what it’s like to spend three years trapped by Somali pirates.

Ever wondered whether a cat can have an existential crisis? Use Curio and you’ll know.

Just tell us when you find something interesting and the app can effortlessly surface the content that’s most relevant for you.

Life is short, hear what matters.

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