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About the product / service


1. Protection

a. Protective ridge around the iPad’s screen, ensures that the screen won't crack in a fall.

b. Clever magnetic tab keeps the cover closed under all circumstances

c. Durable, elastic outer material is bonded onto a tough, shock-absorbing engineering plastic. The Touchfire case offes ultimate protection, yet it's incredibly sleek and slim. You no longer need to use a bulky, cumbersome case to give your iPad the protection it deserves.

d. The Touchfire case will even keep your iPad safe and protected when children use it. They can throw the iPad across the room if they want.

2. Positions

a. Over a dozen typing and viewing positions, some of them infinitely adjustable. A position for every use and every person!

b. Uses magnets instead of complicated mechanical contrivances

c. Multiple typing positions are essential to be able to type under all circumstances (sitting, lying down, on your lap, etc.)

d. Micro-adjustable viewing positions allow precise control of iPad angle - glare from overhead lights washing out the screen will never be a problem again

e. Perfect for taking pictures – sets up in landscape or portrait for fixed position pictures, easy one-handed picture taking when on the go.

f. Incredibly versatile system - customers are constantly finding new positions that we didn't even know about!

3. Case Materials

a. Cover material is unique, beautiful two-tone micro-hexagon pattern

b. Four luscious colors – black, gray, red, blue

c. Material feels smooth when touched lightly, but becomes grippy as soon as pressure is applied. Keeps your iPad solidly in your hand and on the table

d. Looks great, feels great!

4. Even More...

a. The cover turns the iPad on and off when you open and close it

b. The magnetic strip on the back doubles as a carrying grip

c. The cover attaches magnetically to the back of the iPad when flipped around to the back. The case is designed to carry a stylus like the Wacom Bamboo; just put it on the cover with the clip underneath the keyboard.


a. Built right into the case. No power or Bluetooth connection required!

b. Sound is redirected to the front of the iPad

c. Increases volume by up to 50%, improves sound clarity and quality

d. No more cupping your hand over the iPad's speaker in order to hear it

e. Perfect for FaceTime, watching videos with friends, listening to music across the room, dance party!


f. Built right into the case.

g. iPad can now be mounted on any ferrous metal surface , like a refrigerator door, a metal-backed whiteboard, or an exercise machine

h. Mounts in landscape or portrait mode, case can be mounted open or closed

i. Your iPad now takes up no desk or counter space, can't be accidentally knocked over - so it's out of the way but easily accessible

j. Sound is enhanced even further when mounted magnetically

k. Same patent-pending magnet system is used to provide the case positions, the magnetic mounting and the magnetic cover closure tab

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