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Fronay Collection

Dealspotr Exclusive: 10% OFF Entire Store at Fronay Collection (Site-wide)

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At the Fronay Collection, we bring 6 generations worth of manufacture and design. We pride ourselves on creating unique elegant collections in Sterling Silver that will last. With over 3,000 different styles, we guarantee there is something special for each and every customer that browses our collection.

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At Fronay we offer more than just a product, but rather a real experience. So, its crucial that in your reviews or posts you explain the quality feel and genuine affection towards this fashion forward experience that is Fronay Jewelry. Also, feel free to make this organic to your approach. Its not necessary to sell the product, but rather inform on the lovely experience that is wearing Fronay Collect... and please include a link to the store!

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  • Free product sample: Mini Natural Stone Necklace in Sterling Silver
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