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German Slippers

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About the product / service

1. Intro

Meet German-Slippers, both a young, sky-rocketing brand and niche world leader. We have been in the trade of selling slippers and comfort footwear for over 25 years. We offer 5-star service (10.000 + 5-star reviews) across a multitude of eCommerce plattforms both in Germany and abroad. We understand the business, we understand the trade and we are hard workers. A combination that you as an affiliate will greatly benefit from.

With close to 400 different models and more than 12.000 pairs in stock – many of them unique – and over 200.000 regular customers from all over the world, German-Slippers is the number one online purveyor of high-quality house shoes made of fine boiled wool, sturdy wool felt and smooth leather from Germany.

We also ship free 100%, no matter where the customer is at.

2. Converting USP's beyond just the 'pretty' & the 'great':

Made of natural materials only. Felt products made from 100% pure new wool, genuine full-grain, elk- calf or sheepskin.

Products that include the famed Haflinger® Footbed, which is suggested by many US health professionals to combat civilizational foot problems such as plantar fasciits, heel Pain or flat feet.

The greatest selection of boiled wool slippers, wool felt clogs and sandals you won't find anywhere in the US. Loadas of custom-designed, unique pieces, colors and sizes, more than 12.000 pairs in stock.

We offer the manufacturers German assortment at an unbeatable price, often at a discount, shipped 100% free to the US, AU and NZ.

3. Why us

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Homes are still our castles. It's never been so easy to own a modern-day castle and its restorative powers have never been so needed and sought-after, because the world has never been this hectic. Products that improve the quality of time you spend at home are rising to new heights of popularity, with manufacturers and merchants trippling sales.

Our diverse assortment covers comfortable house slippers, outdoor-capable clogs, sturdy mules and light sandals you will not find in any other online or stationary store. Breathable yet warming, soft yet sturdy, with or without arch support – house shoes offer features that can help to prevent or alleviate various ailements of the body and feet in particular.

Our manufacturers use only 100% pure new wool, natural cork, rubber, elk-, calf, sheep and lambskin. This makes for a very special experience. Wool is very breathable, self-cleaning, rejects odor and insulates perfectly. Cork provides the foot with an individually-shapable bed. The wool and leather accomodate the foot perfectly, which is very convenient for financially affluent customers with foot problems. The Haflinger® footbed is being suggested by health care professional all accross the US to combat wide ranging popular foot problems such as heel pain, flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Our product is one of this particular success story's archetypes. Slippers, house shoes, however you want to call them, have been at the center of many cultures for century and decades. Think of the Japanese and German societies, where it's close to compulsary to take one's shoes off at home, or popular US culture of the 50's and 60's where a man comes home and is brought his newspaper and what? His slippers.

A picture that still holds true today. And we're the worlds leading purveyor of boiled wool slippers from Germany. A young brand with a mission.

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