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About the product / service

1.CHARCOAL & AMAZON CLAY & MOROCCO GHASSOUL CLAY - The natural mud and charcoal absorbs and removes deep oil, blackheads and impurities. They refine skin's texture and pore, boost radiance to restore a healthy glow with abundant minerals.

2.KIWI & BROCCOLI EXTRACT BRIGHTEN & NOURISH YOUR SKIN – Kiwi essence detoxifies and moistures dull skin, make the skin radiant and refreshed. Broccoli essence increases skin elasticity and helps to shrink enlarged pores.

3.WALNUT SHEEL POWDER WITH THE FRAGANCE OF CITRUS FLORAL – The scrub gently exfoliates and cleans pores. Chamomile dew enhances the elasticity and brighten the dry, full skin. The three notes of rose and lily serves you with a feeling of romance and calmness.

4.JEJU SPRING WATER & CRINUM LILY EXTRACT - Crinum Lily serves calmness and moisturize the skin with its mysterious and precious value. With Ph 4.5 ~ 5.5 , Jeju Sparkling Thermal Water can be instantly absorbed by skin, balancing and moisturizing to recovering dryness.

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1.Another hot mask collection from Korean largest mask manufacturer.

2.Made with natural ingredients.

3.Nice smell like natural fruit and flowers.

4.US only, delivery to your home in 2 days.

5.Great evidence to prove that cleaning could be comfortable.

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