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Dealspotr Exclusive: 15% Off a Sifter Twelve + XL Pack at KRUVE

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About the product / service

The KRUVE Sifter is the first coffee sieve system designed for home brewers, coffee geeks, and professional baristas alike. The Sifter as launched on Kickstarter in 2016 where it saw its first success. Since then we've shipped tens of thousands of Sifters around the world where they are loved by thousands of devoted KRUVE fans. The Sifters were used at the highest levels of competition where they gave competitors an added edge. The Sifter is a coffee grind refining system that lets you calibrate your grinder, measure your grind, and refine your grind with micron level precision. Whether you are an espresso lover or Chemex fan, the Sifter is for you. We're looking for influencers to help spread awareness about the Sifter by doing an unboxing, review, and taste test between a sifted and unsifted coffee. We offer brew guides and recipe videos that you can follow on our website that will walk you through how the Sifter is used and what recipes are best for various brew methods.