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Dealspotr Exclusive: 20% Off Idea Chíc Subscription Boxes or Card Club at Idea Chic

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The Idea Chíc Card Club is a monthly card club where members select any four cards and free shipping + bonuses at membership milestones. Only $10 per month. Easy to shop card catalog included. All cards are designed and printed by Idea Chíc in Denver, CO. The Idea Chíc card club is unique because members can choose any cards as needed. After the second month the membership is easy to pause or cancel so members can use as needed. With the low price of $10 and free shipping members can shop for greeting cards online without spending so much on shipping!

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Background: Idea Chíc was founded in 2009 by David and Julie Sandusky. All cards and gifts are designed and made by Idea Chíc in Denver, CO. The Idea Chíc Card Club is a brand new greeting card membership. The company has two separate subscription box offerings with the popular Seasonal Parcel Post started in 2012.

Offering: Idea Chíc created the Card Club to ease the pain of paying shipping for low priced or add-on products like greeting cards. Whether mailing cards or bring along to all of life's important events (birthdays, weddings, new home, new baby, celebrations and thoughtful gestures), it is always nice to have the perfect card already in hand! Idea Chíc wants to make this easy. Use code MYFIRST1 for 20% off your opening month membership. After your second month the membership is easy to pause so to use when needed. Members get additional bonuses and gifts for membership milestones.

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