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Tandem Deodorant

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About the product / service

About Tandem's Natural Deodorant

Kids at 8, aren't smelling so great! Yep, puberty stinks, literally!!! If you have teens or older kids, you probably lived this.

That fact is when your child enters puberty, the changes in hormones changes everything, including an increase in sweat, and boy can it stink! Body odor can be a social burden to tweens who are already self-conscious, been exposed to bullying, or are the norm teen who does not want to stick out from the crowd. And this is where Tandem's natural deodorant comes in play, to help tackle that underarm stink safely and naturally.

Why Natural, Baking Soda-Free Deodorant?

As early as the age of 8, our kids’ body odor began losing its pleasantness as puberty arrived. Their vulnerability to synthetic chemicals found in conventional deodorants posed too much risk. They were full of harsh chemicals, known hormone disruptors, and other toxins, so it was essential for us to create products exclusively for kids.

Like many parents in this same situation, we searched for a natural, risk-free option that actually worked. When we didn’t find it, we designed our own — a natural deodorant made exclusively for kids. Tandem was born!

Starting with their smelly pits, we tackled a natural phenomenon of puberty using natural ingredients that contain zero toxins. Tandem was founded to help other parents give their kids the confidence they need when it comes to combating body odor. We offer a solution that’s safe enough for our own kids and safe enough for yours.

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Create a blog post that inspires both your community and Tandems. With so many options for natural deodorants, ones without baking soda are key for less irritation.

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Why Natural Deodorant

Why Tweens

Tandem Deodorant Made exclusively For Kids... Natural, safe, and effective.

With Tandem, you can tackle the natural phenomenon of puberty stink by using natural ingredients that contain zero toxins.

Unlike some natural deodorants, we don’t use baking soda. Tandem is non-irritating and perfect for kids.


Plant-Based Ingredients: Unlike some natural deodorants, Tandem contains plant-based, vegan-friendly ingredients. No beeswax here!


Free of parabens and toxins

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