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Clarks Coupons & Promo Codes

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You can find deeply discounted Clarks products sold at Amazon.

Clarks Couponing & Savings Guide

Well-known for its Men’s Desert Boot, Somerset, England's Clarks was founded nearly 200 years ago. In that time the footwear manufacturing and design firm has expanded to over 1,000 locations and franchises across the world. Dedicated to providing customers with the ideal shoe for their foot dimensions, the brand is now synonymous with high-quality footwear.

Similar to Clarks’ dedication to providing the highest quality shoes, Dealspotr's mission is saving consumers as much cash as possible. Use this helpful savings guide to find easy ways to cut costs when shopping at Clarks.

Shop on the Clarks Sales Page, at Clarks Outlets, and With Clarks Promo Codes

Clarks does not make it difficult for online shoppers to save money at their web store. Right at the top of the homepage is a link to the Sales Page. This is the place to find markdowns as deep as 50% off!

Once you have reached the Sales Page, Clarks breaks down the items that are on sale into various sub-categories. Navigate through sections like Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Sandals, Active, and Dress. The links to each category are listed to the left of the page as well as at the bottom of the page. Visit New Markdowns for even more search options like Size, Width, Color, Customer Reviews, and even Heel Height!

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales at Clarks – that advice goes for those shopping online as well as those that shop at physical locations. As the seasons change, Clarks’ stock must correspondingly rotate to meet demand, and the previous season’s styles must go. This is the perfect time to take advantage of unbeatable deals on top-of-the-line footwear, even if you might have to wait a few months before you can wear them.

Clarks is also known for offering coupons and promo codes to shoppers. Visit third-party coupon sites such as Dealspotr to find the latest savings at the store, such as the current 20%-off site-wide Clarks coupon!

The final way to save money by purchasing discounted items is taking advantage of Clarks’ outlet stores. These brick-and-mortar stores are known as Clarks Bostonian, and they typically can be found in major outlet malls. Unfortunately at this time Clarks does not offer any online outlet store.

Insider Tip

Unlike the vast majority of retail stores, Clarks does not offer a price match program; the price on an item is fixed the moment it is ordered. This policy means that if you were to buy a pair of shoes, only to discover they went on sale a few days later, you are out of luck. Because Clarks sticks to this strict policy, it is all the more important to be sure you are taking advantage of a sale when purchasing merchandise from the store.

Buy Discounted Clarks Gift Cards at

How Works is a website that allows consumers to buy and sell unused or unwanted gift cards from a wide variety of retailers. Those seeking to purchase gift cards can find deep discounts, while sellers are given cash for cards that would never be redeemed otherwise. Gift cards are available as physical cards, printable vouchers, or e-gift cards – no matter what format, these gift cards never expire. organizes the gift cards by discount percentage, card type, and card value. Currently, Clarks gift cards are discounted by 12.5%.

Insider Tip

The best way to take advantage of the deepest discounts at is by setting up a user account. This account features an alert that informs members of newly-added cards. Because the best discounts are also the most competitive, this gives you a big advantage.

Shop for Clarks Merchandise on Amazon

Why You Should Buy Clarks Items on Amazon

While Clarks sells merchandise through physical Clarks locations, Bostonian Outlets, and the Clarks online store, there are other places to find the store’s top-tier merchandise. The best place for consumers to look is When shopping for Clarks items at Amazon, shoppers will find unbeatable deals on the exact merchandise available on Clarks own web store. Take a look at Clarks’ Amazon page here.

Insider Tip

Those with a membership through Amazon Prime should always visit the online retailer before purchasing Clarks merchandise. While Clarks occasionally offers free shipping on certain items, Prime members always have free 2-day shipping.

Follow Clarks on Social Media

Why You Should Follow Clarks

These days the best way to stay on top of sales and promotions at your favorite retailer is to follow their social media profiles. Clarks is no exception; by following the brand online, consumers are privy to new arrivals at the store as well as discounts and sales.

Where to Follow Clarks

Clarks manages several social media profiles, making it easy for anyone to follow them. Find profiles for the footwear retailer at Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and a Youtube Channel.

Insider Tip

For those not on social media, there is still a way to find out the latest news, sales, and merchandise from Clarks. Simply enter your email into the company’s newsletter database and have all of that information delivered directly to your inbox!