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HSN Couponing & Savings Guide

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) prides itself on incorporating entertainment, inspiration, and experts to create a unique shopping experience for its customers. The company focuses primarily on home and lifestyle brands.

Dealspotr is determined to assist you in getting the best possible deal while shopping at HSN, so we have listed several techniques you can employ to amass the best discounts on HSN’s website. Take a look below.

Check for Promo Codes, Especially If You Are a New Customer

HSN almost always has available codes for first-time customers. Dealspotr regularly provides promo codes for customers making their first purchase on For example, HSN has a promotion now for $20 off of the first $40 purchase. This friendly approach is in line with HSN’s business model of expanding its customer base and exposing its products to a wide audience.

Play HSN Games, Win Prizes

HSN has games as part of its HSN arcade, where shoppers can compare scores, win badges, and issue challenges. HSN’s TV feed often promotes HSN arcade by offering chances to play against a TV host or celebrity guest for prizes. The launch of the HSN arcade was part of HSN’s strategy of drawing in new customers. HSN also offers sweepstakes like cruise packages and autographed sports memorabilia to those who are registered on the HSN website.

Take Advantage of "Shop by Remote" Option

HSN now offers a “shop by remote” option, a product of their partnership with TiVo. TiVo users are now able to shop with their remote on an HSN app, allowing the user to view and purchase featured items or simply browse through HSN product categories. The TiVo-HSN set-up allows the viewer to record, play, and stream programs, all while shopping for HSN products.

Utilize FlexPay to Avoid Interest Charges

Just as customers reap the benefits from stores with a layaway option, HSN’s FlexPay offers the same concept. Instead of paying the full purchase price at checkout, the customer is billed the first installment upon purchase. This first installment includes tax and shipping, but the remaining balance is automatically billed to the payment method on file every 30 days afterward. The great thing about FlexPay is there are no interest charges, so this option may be more appealing than using a typical credit card.

  • Insider Tip: If the account is linked to a credit card, and the FlexPay payments come off of that credit card, then the customer will be charged the rate of interest attached to the credit card on file (by the credit card company). For a FlexPay purchase to truly be interest-free, the customer should link the FlexPay account to a PayPal account, and ensure there are adequate funds in the PayPal account on each automatic payment date.

Considering Applying for the HSN Credit Card

Customers who have the HSN Card or HSN Mastercard enjoy offers, special promotions, and discounts available only to these cardholders. Cardholders get up to $40 in HSN gift cards each year, and returns-guarantee benefits of up to $250 in HSN gift cards. This means that if an item is returned under the HSN return policy, the customer’s account will be credited with the return charge – and become available as store credit the day after HSN receives it back. Additionally, HSN Cardholders receive offers on salon and spa specials throughout the year.

HSN Cardholders also enjoy a perk called ExtraFlex. This means that when the HSN Cardholder orders an item on FlexPay, they are eligible for additional FlexPay installments. ExtraFlex typically provides the customer with one additional installment, but it may vary depending upon the item. For example, HSN reps say that some electronics are eligible for nine months of installments under FlexPay – making payments lower for the customer.

HSN also rewards its cardholders with VIP financing. This means that customers enjoy nine months of interest-free financing on certain electronics, fitness, sewing, floor care, furniture, climate control products, and even mattresses.

  • Insider Tip: Unfortunately, FlexPay and VIP financing cannot be combined on the same purchase. When the customer applies FlexPay to their order, it automatically prevents the order from being placed on VIP financing. However, depending on the availability of FlexPay for the particular item purchased, and the customer’s preference in terms of monthly payment options, the customer does get to choose which benefit to use.

Don’t Forget to Check HSN’s Social Media for Sweepstakes

It may come as no surprise to know HSN has a prominent social media presence. The HSN social community gathers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus, and Instagram. In addition, links to HSN’s forums and blogs can be found on the website. Following HSN on social media gives customers access to their favorite HSN hosts and HSN celebrity reps like Serena Williams.

  • Insider Tip: Signing up for HSN’s social media gives the customer access to special sweepstakes. For example, when the Disney movie, “Oz – The Great and Powerful” came out, HSN had a Pinterest sweepstakes. Users created a Pinterest board inspired by their favorite witch, and the winner received an HSN/Disney prize worth $1,000.

Join the HSN Cares Program to Help Others Save

HSN supports several national charities – including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Children Research Hospital, and the Alzheimer’s Association. HSN also supports a list of local charities, and even gives its employees two fully compensated days off of work to volunteer in their communities. This may be a big factor for some customers, especially if they know their proceeds from their purchases may go to one of these several charities. The website also provides an option for customers to simply donate to one of the supported charities.