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78% of marketers say ROI is their top challenge
with influencer marketing.

As a popular social shopping site, we're experts in converting visitors into paying customers. We designed our influencer marketplace from the ground up to help you drive sales & conversions. See how the Dealspotr Marketplace can help you drive ROI with influencer marketing.

Real-time conversion tracking and reporting.

See how each influencer is performing in promoting your brand in real-time. We integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms.

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Thousands of quality influencers, with audited statistics.

Our algorithm assigns each influencer a reasonable fee based on true engagement statistics + conversions driven on prior campaigns.

Influence Score
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Fully automated scheduling and notifications.

Our advanced CRM enforces timelines and automatically sends out reminders to keep your campaigns moving forward. View everything about your campaign on one convenient dashboard.

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Exclusive ambassador discount codes, auto-generated for each influencer.

Key to driving conversions is a compelling discount code. We auto-generate personalized ambassador discount codes for each influencer in your campaign.

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No monthly fees or commitments.

Using Dealspotr's Marketplace is 100% free with no contracts. You just pay for each influencer upon successful completion of their promotion for your brand.

Meet micro-influencers on Dealspotr

We have over 3,000 influencers in our community, spanning dozens of lifestyle verticals. Follow your favorite influencers to see what brands and deals they're promoting. Brands: invite influencers to promote your brand through the Dealspotr Marketplace. Read the case study or watch the video.

Recently launched influencer marketing campaigns

Brands can post promotional campaigns in the Dealspotr Marketplace and connect with influencers to promote them. We work with thousands of merchants large and small and offer a fast and cost-effective influencer marketing platform. Read the case study or watch the video.