Do you prefer to read books on a tablet or on paper?

I personally prefer paper rather than screens.

Leslie Prouten I prefer read books on paper.
Michael Quoc For a while, I preferred reading paper books over tablets, but over time I've gotten used to reading on the iPad and now I prefer this. But mainly, having all your books available in one place without having to lug books around is the best part!
Pedro Zambrano Paper all the way!
Emily Helwig I like reading on paper, my eyes get less tired. Definitely prefer doing crosswords/puzzles on paper over an app. But as Michael said, nice to have all of your books in one place!
Maikel Haier Salon I really prefer read books on paper, because I can feel the paper and enjoy my book, That is one of the most wonderful feelings.
Angie Bailey I don't really have a preference. Kindle books seem to be cheaper and I can have them all in one place. I like the highlight feature and dictionary feature on Kindle as well.
J. Harris paper....