Anyone else suddently getting spammed by DealSpotr with completion dates for campaigns you applies for - but never were approved? They are still pouring into my inbox...

Ashley Drewes And the #spam is still coming in... this is ridiculous... :(
Cole Martinez fotunately, mine stopped yesterday. I sent an email to Andie about this.
Tricia Wehner yes, I am getting it too.
Tshenelle Bethel I got it too!! I was wondering what was going on because I never got approved for any of these. Deal spotr did say that they were implementing a time frame for brands to accept/deny requests.. so idk if they got it mixed up.
Ashley Drewes that's what I was thinking. About an hour or so after I posted it finally stopped. *crossing fingers*
Dealspotr Support Unfortunately, this was an internal bug and should be disregarded. We apologize for any inconveniences. Your current application status is in your Campaigns tab.
Erika B I have been too, grr