What's your favorite restaurant?

I love any brunch place! How about you?! 😋

Angie Bailey One of my favorite places to eat is a local pizza/salad/sub place, Giovanni's.
marisol mand Applebee's I love it. You should try.
Jimmy Doheny Applebees is great!
Jon Brady I’ve got mimosa flavored gum so that’s kinda like a brunch place
Jon Brady It’s fizzy
Rachel Auerbach That's so cool!
Giselle Krachenfels It's so hard to pick! But basically any thai restaurant has my heart
Jimmy Doheny Anything pizza or burgers.
Tammy Ann Local
@axelphilip379 where about?
Malia Palea Love the Cheesecake Factory! Miso Salmon is my fav!!
Jimmy Doheny They have so many great options there, it's always so hard to decide what to get.