Evaluating potential influencers for your campaign?

As you review influencers for your campaign, make sure to look at their Influence Scores. Here are some tips for evaluating their Influence Score:

- The main Influence Score looks at the true engagement metrics across all their channels and determines how much they earn in the Marketplace

- Each social channel has its own Influence Score. This is to help you easily evaluate their top network and identify where their audience is most engaged with them

- You can hover your cursor over each score to see how they rank (percentile) compared to other influencers in our network

@TheBudgetSavvyTravelers I’m glad you’re advocating for your influencers! Sometimes it’s hard to not get a response back after taking the time to write a thorough, thoughtful proposal.
Jimmy Doheny Thanks for the feedback, that's something we're continuing to work with the brands on so that influencers hear back quickly either way. I know many of them will receive 100+ applications, making it difficult for them to write a personal response each time.
@TheBudgetSavvyTravelers Jimmy, we’ve also got a few responses of “we’re not sure how this works yet so contact us privately at this phone number.” However, we didn’t think it was a good idea to work outside of dealspotr realm though.
@TheBudgetSavvyTravelers It would be really very helpful for both influencers and brands if the blog/Youtube opportunities had clear requirements to apply.
@TheBudgetSavvyTravelers It would also be helpful for both influencers AND brands if all of the specifications and requirements for the paid blogs and YouTube opportunities were clearly stated on the posting. Maybe near the “accepts roundup videos” section or near the type of influencers desired (lifestyle, travel, beauty)? Some listed criteria could include: minimum or maximum influence score, if international shipping is an option, etc. This would help 1) brands have less applications to go through 2) help influencers connect with brands who truly want to work them, 3) help brands have clearer understanding of the rates of influencers who are applying and 4) prevent brands from disappearing after some initial contact and rapport was already established. We’ve been reaching out to brands for over two months and have yet to make one successful collaboration.