Hello, we are currently looking for influencers in the video game industry.

More specifically, those whos follower base is interested in custom modded controllers for Xbox and Playstation. We have been in business for over 6 years and offer top quality custom and modded Xbox One, Xbox Elite and PS4 controllers compatible with the major shooting games on the market.

Let me nkow if you are interested,

Natalia from Mega Modz Planet

@andieschilstra_disabled These are cool!
@fatalgrips Interested :)
Jimmy Doheny Don't forget to apply to their campaign in the Marketplace!
Anthony Moss Interested.
Tony Yayo Mega interested in Mega Modz, my most recent videos on my channel are about gaming with plenty more lined up on the way. I would love to get started with my Mega Modz Planet video and have followed all your social media. I have also applied to your Mega Modz Planet campaign in the marketplace and have 2 days left for you to approve. So excited and have my filming gear and Xbox One all set up ready to get started!
Hailey Certainly interested! My blog is focused on gaming/collecting/pop culture.