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Shoebuy Coupons & Promo Codes

Inside Tips Couponing & Savings Guide

The only thing better than buying a new pair of shoes? Buying a new pair of shoes at an amazing price! Enter The online discount retailer of brand name footwear has become a favorite of shoe-addicted Americans everywhere due to its low prices, vast selection and free shipping policy (everything includes free shipping). In recent years, the popular website has also added clothing and accessories to provide shoppers with a more comprehensive experience.

Many people are drawn to because they know they can find great deals on shoes and other apparel without doing much work. That said, if you are willing to put in just a little extra effort, you can turn what would otherwise be a good ShoeBuy deal into one that is truly epic. Take a look below for a few strategies Dealspotr has discovered for getting the best possible bargain at

Start Your Shopping in the Discount and Outlet Sections has two separate sections on its website dedicated to sale items. One is the "Discounts" page that includes merchandise listed at up to 84% off. The steepest discounts tend to be for watches, bags and backpacks, but it's also common to find shoes for more than 50% off. If you want to shop by first checking out the biggest price drops then go to the sort by dropdown on the right side of the page and select "Percent Off". Otherwise, the page will just default to displaying the most popular items at the top.

In addition to the discounts page, also has an "Outlet" section that contains thousands of clearance items. While there isn't quite the selection found on the discounts page, the Outlet section still offers some incredible deals. As an added bonus for shoe lovers, most of the products in the Outlet section are shoes and they are typically a bit more stylish than those found in the discounts section.

Search for Promo Codes Before Checking Out

It's an absolute must to check for promo codes whenever you shop at The site runs promo code offers so frequently that odds are you'll be able to find at least one that you can apply toward your purchase.

How It Works

Thankfully, makes the promo code experience about as easy as possible. Once you click on the item that you'd like to purchase, you'll be taken to your cart. On the cart page, there is a box right below the total price that is labeled "Apply a promo code". Enter the promo code there and hit "Update" and the savings will be taken off right then. At that point you'll click "Proceed To Checkout" and complete your purchase. Each promo code has some terms and exclusions, but they aren't nearly as restrictive as a lot of other stores. If you happen to enter a bad or expired code, you'll get a warning message.

Insider Tip

There are often multiple promo codes available at a time, so look closely when deciding which one to use and try to always pick the one that offers the biggest discount.

Become a "ShoeFan Rewards" Member

Most stores have adopted rewards programs to benefit their most loyal customers and is no different. ShoeBuy calls its program "ShoeFan Rewards". The program is free to join and provides considerable perks.

How It Works

It's very simple to sign up. All you have to do is provide your name, email address, phone number and password and then hit the "Join Free" button and you're good to go. Every member gets 100 points just for signing up and then 1 point for every $1 spent. Members receive an automatic $10 Reward every time they reach the 200-point threshold. That reward can then be used on any purchase (aside from gift certificates). If a member doesn't redeem the $10 Reward immediately, it will continue to build in 200-point increments. For example, if you have 600 points, you'll have a $30 Reward. Bear in mind that points do expire after one year, so you can only build them up for so long.

Insider Tip

There are other ways to get additional points. Every friend you refer that makes a purchase earns you 200 points. You can also get 20 points each for liking ShoeBuy on Facebook and following ShoeBuy on Twitter and an additional 10 points every time you write a unique review for products you've bought on while logged in (max 20 points per month for reviews).

Redeem the Shape Magazine Rebate

How It Works

For a limited time, anyone who makes a purchase of at least $25 gets a complimentary subscription to Shape Magazine that includes 20 issues. That's great if you are interested in reading Shaping Magazine, but it's the little-known rebate aspect that should attract everyone else. If you fill out this "Magazine Rebate Form" and mail it in along with a copy of your order confirmation page, you will receive a $10 cash rebate in place of the magazine. Note that you can only get one rebate per household, so don't expect to get $10 back every time you make a purchase.

Insider Tip

Given that you only have 30 days after your purchase to mail in the rebate, we suggest you get it done right after completing your purchase.

Take Advantage of the 100% Price Guarantee boasts a rather robust price matching program. If you find an in-stock item that is the same style, size and color anywhere else online (with the exception of auction or private event sale sites), then will refund you the difference in price. will also refund you the difference of any items you've bought within the past 10 days that it lists at a lower price.

How It Works

In order to college your refund, you have to email your order number, the url of the site with the better price, and instructions on how to find the item to

Insider Tip

Don't waste this price matching perk on just any item. only refunds one product per customer per month, so it's best to wait for when you find a significant price difference.