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Talbots Coupons & Promo Codes

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    Details & Exclusions: Get 50% Off One Regular Priced Item. Exclusions apply, see site for details. Limit one per customer. Exclusions: Superga® products. Taxes, shipping and handling fees, purchases of Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards, and payment of a Talbots Credit Card are excluded from the discount

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Talbots Expert Tip

You can find deeply discounted Talbots products sold at Amazon.

Talbots Couponing & Savings Guide

Talbots is a modern-day American success story. Starting from humble beginnings as a New England storefront and a modest mail-order catalog, it has grown into a popular and well-respected fashion retailer. Retail locations can be found across the United States and Canada.

At Dealspotr, our goal is to assist shoppers in achieving top-dollar savings. With that in mind, we created the list below to outline the most effective money-saving strategies at Talbots.

Sign Up For The Free Talbots Classic Rewards Red Card

What It Is

The Classic Rewards Red Card is a free, no-obligation program that gives back to those that frequently shop at Talbots. It operates like most fashion retailers' rewards programs, awarding customers points for the dollars they spend online and at Talbots locations.

Why You Should Sign Up

Classic Rewards Red members earn points at a rate of 1 point per $2 spent. For every 500 points that are earned, a $25 "appreciation dividend" is given to the customer. These dividends are either mailed or emailed to the member at the end of the month, and they expire after six months.

Another perk of being a Classic Rewards Red member is the Birthday Bonus. During the calendar month in which your birthday falls, you may select one day to get 15% off all Talbots merchandise. The Birthday Bonus can be used on purchases made online or in-store.

Classic Rewards Red members are also sent an exclusive newsletter. This newsletter includes sales, discounts, and expert fashion tips.

Insider Tip

Try to save large purchases for Bonus Points Events. During Bonus Points Events, customers rack up points at a higher rate. Holding off on expensive purchases until these events is a great way to earn additional appreciation dividends.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Promo Codes

How Talbots Sales and Coupons Work

Talbots accepts electronic coupon codes and printable coupons. In addition to these outside coupon sources, has a webpage dedicated to its current promotions. Most Talbots sales are automatic and do not require a promo code.

Another simple way to learn about promotions at Talbots is to visit the company's web store. Current promotions are displayed across the site's header.

Talbots is well known for offering end-of-season markdowns on merchandise that is soon to be discontinued, so it pays to keep an eye out for sales as the seasons change.

If your purchase can wait for a few months, take advantage of Talbot's semi-annual Red Hanger clearance sales which can offer discounts as deep as 75% off.

Insider Tip

Always be on the lookout for "Flash Sales." These web-store sales feature deep discounts on a wide variety of Talbots items. Like the name implies, these are blink-and-you-miss-them deals so be sure to regularly check the "Flash Sales" page.

Sign Up For the Talbot's Email List

Why to Sign Up

Signing up for emails is an easy way to find out about the latest sales and promotions at Talbots' retail locations and online store. In addition to getting seasonal sneak-peaks and being alerted to "Flash Sales," those on the email list get exclusive promotional offers and special invitations to events like parties and trunk shows.

Insider Tip

Another great way to be more "in-the-know" about Talbots' latest deals is to follow the company on social media. The brand occasionally announces coupons and special promos through its Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

Get a Classic Rewards Visa Credit Card

What It Is

If you are a regular shopper at Talbots, one great way to make your money stretch further is to sign up for a Classic Rewards Platinum or Classic Rewards Black Card. These Visa credit cards operate in a similar manner to the standard Classic Rewards Red membership; cardholders earn points towards cash back with every dollar that is spent using the card.

Why You Should Sign Up

Like Classic Rewards Red members, those with the Talbots credit card earn points on a per-dollar-spent basis. While Red members earn at a rate of one point per $2 spent, Platinum members earn one point per $1 spent, and Black members earn at a rate of 1.25 points per $1 spent.

Credit card holders are able to take advantage of Bonus Points Events and receive the 15% Birthday Bonus. Plus, these members receive an extra 5% off during the store's semi-annual Red Hanger days.

The benefits are taken even further for those with the Classic Rewards Black. These members also get free shipping on online purchases made with the card and points that roll over at the end of the year. The requirement to qualify for a Classic Rewards Black Card is $1,000 spent in a calendar year.

While the standard variable APR on the Classic Rewards Platinum and Classic Rewards Black Card is a whopping 24.99%, on the bright side there are no annual fees.

Insider Tip

When a new Classic Rewards Platinum or Black account is opened, the store offers 15% off the first purchase made with the card.

Shop With Discounted Gift Cards From

What It Is

Sites like allow consumers to buy and sell partially-used gift cards and e-gift cards. This exchange sells gift cards from the world's largest retailers, such as Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and of course Talbots.

How It Works organizes the available discounted Talbots gift cards in a convenient list. Look for the denomination you require and compare the discount percentage. Talbots gift cards are currently selling for as much as 17.3% off. For $337.08 worth of credit at Talbots, the consumer only pays $278.77!

You can also buy e-gift cards through Instead of receiving the cards in the mail, the code is emailed to the buyer post-purchase. Another way to redeem your discounted gift card is through a printable voucher which can be used for in-store purchases.

Cards purchased through never expire and are delivered with free shipping.

Insider Tip

Take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend program. When a friend signs up with your referral code, you get an instant $5 in Raise Rewards. After they make their first purchase, you receive another $5 in Raise Rewards!