5 Best Frugal Travel Bloggers

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5 Best Frugal Travel Bloggers

Travel is an area of frugality that is sometimes overlooked because it is so unique, but it’s also an area that offers some of the biggest savings.

That’s what makes travel so much different than other popular frugal categories like groceries, auto services and beauty care. Most people could still buy a bag of chips, get an oil change or purchase some eye cream without using coupons. Conversely, many people would not be able to go on a beach vacation without finding a huge discount.

Given the significant value presented by offers for frugal travel, it makes sense for couponers to study up on it and know the ins and outs. Unfortunately, because travel deals can be so complicated to understand, it’s tough to learn the ropes.

Enter the frugal travel blogging community.

Dealspotr has researched many of the most active frugal travel blogs and come up with our top 5. They provide a great way to discover and master the world of discount travel.

Frugal Travel Guy

This site is run by none other than Rick Ingersoll. The retired mortgage banker and his wife have been to more than 70 countries and he boasts they traveled the world for five years without paying for a single airline ticket. It is that level of expertise he brings to FrugalTravelGuy.com.

As the site has grown, Ingersoll has built a staff of esteemed frugal travel writers that update the site multiple times a day with the latest deals. Another reason we like the Frugal Travel Guy so much, however, is that the site also provides relevant news related to popular destinations such as when there is a viral outbreak or natural disaster.

The Points Guy

As a lifelong traveler and a veteran of Wall Street, Brian Kelly has a background that lends itself to becoming a frugal travel expert. Eventually, he decided to start ThePointsGuy.com and now shares what he’s learned over the years with over 1.5 million readers a month.

The Points Guy specializes in content about how to maximize frequent flier miles and other similar loyalty points programs for luxury hotel chains and the like. Though that is the site’s primary focus, Kelly has compiled an impressive staff that does a good job of posting useful content related to deals that don’t require points as well as informative articles about topics like how the TSA operates.

  • Tip: Visit the Hot Deals section to get a comparison of all the latest credit card rewards offers for travel.

Million Mile Secrets

Separately, Daraius Dubash and Emily Jablon are brilliant frugal travelers with impressive business backgrounds. Combine them and you have a truly epic pairing. That amazing duo is behind the blog MillionMileSecrets.com. They are masters at earning and redeeming points for airfare and travel, but are also very talented communicators.

For those seeking more of a personal bloggy type of feel, Million Mile Secrets is probably the best option. Dubash and Jablon are proficient at explaining complicated travel deals in a manner that makes them easy to understand and the site is designed in an informal way that highlights their personality and makes the site more relatable.

Frugal Frolicker

Lindsey was the perfect millenial. She studied hard, graduated from an Ivy League school, moved to New York and nabbed a lucrative New York City investment banking job to help pay off her mountain of student debt. She got sick of the corporate machine, though, moved to Australia and now maintains FrugalFrolicker.com, an entertaining frugal travel blog.

Unlike the aforementioned sites, the Frugal Frolicker is less about deals and more about how she finds ways to travel affordably and recount her adventures. Thought she lives in Australia, she still spends plenty of time in the United States and does post content about trips to domestic destinations.

Disney Tourist Blog

Their names are Sarah and Tom Bricker and they are the couple behind the phenomenal DisneyTouristBlog.com. They are admitted Disney fanatics and have used that passion to create a remarkable site that is dedicated to distributing quality content about Disney theme parks. They might not be affiliated with Disney, but they sure know all there is to know about the company’s theme parks.

While this blog might not be about frugal travel in general, it does such an exceptional job of covering Disney that we felt it was worth inclusion. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about Disney parks, hotels, restaurants, transportation, shopping or something else Disney vacation related, you’ll likely find the answer you need on this site.

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