5 Wacky & Wonderful Finds on Dealspotr: From the Fondoodler to the Only Onesie You'll Ever Want

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5 Wacky & Wonderful Finds on Dealspotr: From the Fondoodler to the Only Onesie You'll Ever Want

Ahh, the internet.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize you haven’t. Then you realize, there’s a whole other world of stuff that exists out there that you never even thought existed and never even realized you wanted.

Well strap in and get excited. We’re about to go on a journey showcasing 5 wacky and wonderful products sold by stores found here on Dealspotr. The best thing about these products? You can go buy these this very second!

The BooBuddy Bear from GhostStop

 “Oh!” you think to yourself in the voice you use to talk to dogs and babies, “Who’s that adorable teddy bear?”

Well, this ‘adorable teddy bear’ is actually a lot creepier than you think.

Meet BooBuddy. BooBuddy communicates with ghosts.

BooBuddy detects changes in vibration, movement, electromagnetic frequencies and temperatures -which FYI, are all signs of a ghostly presence. Once the presence of, a, uh, ghost, has been felt, the BooBuddy begins to talk to it - in the voice of a ‘cute’ little girl, may I add... Because in what horror movie are little girls NOT something to fear?

Interested? Check out GhostStop's page for ghost hunting deals! Who doesn’t want the voice of a little girl calling out “count to five with me?” or “Oh, that tickles!” to an empty room in the middle of the night?

Inflatable Evil Unicorn Hat for Cats from Archie McPhee

You love unicorns and wish you had one. But instead, you own a cat. Wait, you realize, why don’t I just make my cat a unicorn? Well there’s one problem with that... little kitty doesn’t appreciate being made a fool of by its human minion: cuddly and loving? Pish! Full of sunshine and flowers? Shudder at the thought.

Enter the Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn and problem solved.  

Now your conspiring kitty has a horn worthy to sit on its evil dictator head. Wear it proudly, master-kitty, wear it proudly.

Follow the Archie McPhee Dealspotr page to keep up-to-date with deals!

This Bernie Sanders Onesie from RageOn!

Because who doesn’t want a onesie covered in many, many Bernies? And it’s on sale! Quick, get it while it’s hot! Better yet, use one of the coupons available on RageOn!’s Dealspotr page and save some cash on your next awesome purchase. Go and Feel the Bern in comfort. You’re welcome.

Literally everything from Blue Q

I love random stuff with a sassy message on it, and I know you do too.

There were way too many hilarious treasures at Blue Q for me to just choose one, so enjoy: 




True words of wisdom right there.



A warning for the next person who tries to bother you when you’re cooking.


I don't know about you, but I'm definitely following Blue Q's Dealspotr page so I can be armed with a deal when I make that sassy oven mitt mine.

The Fondoodler

Until this day, I never knew how much I needed a gun that shoots out hot cheese.

Buzzfeed knows my soul. Oh, did I mention Buzzfeed is behind this ingenious invention? The Fondoodler is essentially a hot glue gun, but with cheese. Now you can decorate, build and smother everything with cheese! Shh, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Head to the Fondoodler’s dealspotr page to check out the latest deal on this wacky but brilliant must-have.


Hope your wallet isn't too upset after discovering these five awesome products and stores! Which one was YOUR favorite? 

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This guide was published on August 7, 2017, and last modified on August 7, 2017.

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