20 Beauty Micro-Influencers You Should Be Following Right Now

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Emily Helwig
20 Beauty Micro-Influencers You Should Be Following Right Now

Beauty is visual, there's no doubt about that. So it's no question that when looking for beauty advice, we tend to take that advice from someone who can show us that they know what they're talking about. 

It's this idea that launched the careers of many a beauty influencer, whether on YouTube, Instagram, or a blog of their own. And we all know the top names in that market.

But what about beauty experts with smaller followings? They aren't mentioned as much, yet their beauty tips and tutorials can be just as good as those with huge followings.

So, if you're on the hunt for the major beauty influencers of tomorrow, we've curated a list of 20 to get you started. 

Christine Mikesell
15 Minute Beauty

Christine Mikesell of 15 Minute Beauty is a blogger by choice, but a doctor by profession. She has to squeeze her makeup routine into 15 minutes for work, so her blog is a great beauty resource for people on the go.

Yes, Christine is actually a doctor, working in the Pediatric ICU. As you might imagine, this can sometimes be a grim place to spend a lot of time. To better her work-life balance, she started to blog about her interests—which mainly centered on beauty. 

Now, she's one of the only doctor beauty bloggers on the web. 

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Imogen Hudson

Imogen Hudson is a hilarious UK blogger (by the name of Imogenation) with popular YouTube & Instagram feeds. She graduated with a degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theater, so it's only natural that her posts would be a bit over the top. 

Her video beauty tutorials will have you laughing while you primp, as she tells stories and life anecdotes while applying primer. Her Instagram features the finished looks + fashion advice, too!

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Eileen Dautruche
Miss Whoever You Are

Eileen from Miss Whoever You Are calls herself an "OG beauty blogger" - and that's what she is. 

The title of her blog actually came from a Breakfast at Tiffany's quote that stuck with her since she saw the film. Since then, she's stuck to beauty—from her blog articles to YouTube tutorials, she reviews makeup and tells you how to use it.

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Jordan Bone

After a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down, Jordan Bone was having a difficult time dealing with the reality of her situation.

After discovering meditation and realizing it was up to her to create her own happiness, she decided to create a YouTube channel about life, beauty, and more importantly, happiness.  

Through video tutorials & reviews, Jordan encourages her followers to live their best life, and look good doing it. 

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Miranda Mendoza
Slashed Beauty

Miranda of Slashed Beauty helps her followers achieve beautiful looks, without breaking the bank.

The blog started when Miranda was in college, and wanted to keep her obsession with beauty and makeup alive despite her newly dwindling bank account. 

Now, through her blog and social channels, Miranda covers budget-friendly beauty, offers tutorials, and helps her followers look pretty without spending a pretty penny.

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Leah Schulz
Miss Pettigrew Reviews

If you're interested in beauty product & cosmetics reviews, Miss Pettigrew Reviews is for you.

As a mom with a passion for beauty, Leah decided to create a blog dedicated to reviewing beauty products, subscription boxes, and accessories.

She also runs a beauty bloggers forum on Facebook, to connect with other beauty gurus from around the web.  

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Katie Snooks

British blogger Katie Snooks specializes in both beauty and fashion, but considers herself a "photographer turned beauty blogger." She started blogging as a hobby, but has grown her online presence to include very active Instagram and YouTube channels. 

Katie's feeds are beauty tutorials sprinkled between general life updates (including hanging with Ellie Goulding) and fashion advice.

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Casey Elizabeth
Beauty 101

Though a hairstylist by trade, Casey Elizabeth has always been a fan of all aspects of beauty. This love led her to creating Beauty 101, which is a destination for all things makeup, nail polish, skin care, and hair. 

She shares her makeup tips and nail polish tutorials on her blog, Beauty 101, but Casey's Instagram feed is where she really shines. 

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Pretty Thrifty

Pretty Thrifty is for anyone looking for beauty on a budget. Blog owner Lizzie has been blogging for over 10 years, so she knows how to get the most out of your beauty products, while taking the least from your wallet. 

Whether it's Sephora freebies or drug store dupes that are just as good as high-end makeup brands, Pretty Thrifty will help you save on cosmetics.

A bonus? Lizzie also hosts giveaways featuring the products she uses!

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Jake Jamie
The Beauty Boy

Jake Jamie is a male beauty blogger, who focuses on the growing trend of makeup for men. 

Back when Jamie was a teenager, he began wearing makeup to cover up his acne. But he didn't realize how hard it would be to find products that worked for men. So, he became The Beauty Boy. 

Whether it's covering up some problem acne, or just finding the best and easiest men's moisturizers, Jake has a fun way of delivering his tips and recommendations. And it's not only for men—Jake has tutorials for women on his channel as well.

Blog  |  Instagram  |  YouTube  |  Twitter  

Andrea Renee

Andrea Renee is a beauty guru with a fun YouTube channel, where she vlogs about new makeup, recent beauty hauls, and her monthly faves. She's also known for her tutorials, and an Instagram where she regularly hosts giveaways.

Instagram  |  YouTube

Karima McKimmie
Shameless Fripperies

This video-based Australian beauty blogger features candid beauty tutorials and insights into her daily regimen (like "Why do I shave my face?") for her followers.

Karima also gives skin care tips, and will frequently do product comparisons and reviews. There are also times when she'll collaborate with other vloggers on beauty vids—double the fun!

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Rachel Anise
The Beauty Professor

Rachel Anise has coined herself The Beauty Professor—and it's a fitting title. She runs her blog alongside her current responsibilities as a professor of communications, using her early years as a model and actress as a reference for her makeup and beauty tips.  

Rachel temporarily puts her career on hold to offer up beauty tips, tutorials, and product reviews on her blog, Instagram and YouTube.

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Alan Macias

Alannized is another male blogger on the list. After struggling with his sexuality in middle and high school, Alan came out—and realized his love for makeup along the way.

Alan bends gender norms and proves "makeup is genderless" on his androgynous beauty YouTube & Instagram channels.  

Instagram  |  YouTube  |  Twitter

Kat Gora

As a newer influencer, Kat's Instagram is where she shines. The NYC-based professional makeup artist takes to the internet to share her favorite finished looks, and tutorials for you to create them yourself.

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Romy Schorr
Romy Raves

A self-titled “beauty product junkie,” Romy Schorr runs the blog Romy Raves. The blog has been around for about 8 years, and is a premier beauty destination for anyone over 40. 

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Rebecca Shores

Rebecca Shores is a professional makeup artist, who bills herself as having an "artist's approach to makeup." And looking at this Seattle-based influencer's Instagram, we'd have to agree.  Her artist's background comes through in the colorful eyeshadow looks she creates. 

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Lindsay Ginn
Broke and Beautiful

Washington state-based Lindsay Ginn adds a bit of snark to her musings about beauty and the #brokelife on Twitter, and also on her blog Broke & Beautiful.

She does her best to support small cosmetics brands and independent beauty companies, and has a whole section dedicated to deciphering if brands that claim to be "eco-friendly" really are. 

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Nancy Houlmont

After launching 10 years ago, Beauty411 offers a ton of advice on makeup and skincare.

While the woman behind it might keep somewhat hidden, we've found her. It's Nancy Houlmont, who created the blog after being repeatedly asked what her beauty routine included.

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Rochelle Masella

Rochelle's YouTube channel DiscoCurls is primarily focused on hair care, with creator Rochelle using her own curly locks as inspiration. She has fine, curly hair, so her reviews and how-to's are a must if you do, too. 

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