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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is a chain of home goods stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Formed in 1971, the retailer boasts everyday low prices on products for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the most popular retailers among its main competitors such as Walmart, Target, and Pier 1. That is because Bed Bath & Beyond knows where its bread is buttered...and it isn't on their fab collection of kitchenware.

The company has a reputation for excellent customer service by making it a priority for their shoppers to leave the store happy. And we at Dealspotr know there’s nothing like a great bargain to satisfy our readers. That’s why we have researched the best ways to save money on your next shopping trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

They're All About Coupons and You Should Be, Too

Bed Bath & Beyond loves for consumers to get a great value, especially through the use of generous coupons.

Before we delve into specific strategies for making the most of coupons, let's talk about ways to get as many as possible:

  • Share your address with the store when making a purchase and receive coupons in the mail.

  • Sign up at the store's customer service desk to receive coupons via postal mail.

  • The Sunday newspaper or national women's and family magazines.

  • Sign up at their website for email coupons.

  • Text OFFER1 to 239663 to receive offers via text message, including an introductory 20% off coupon.

It is suggested to utilize all coupon distribution methods, including text message for the greatest advantage. This is because the retailer specifically times the delivery of coupons for when they will have a higher predicted sales rate. Having all the bases covered means getting the maximum amount of coupons -- and savings.

Now, here are ways for maximizing those plentiful coupons:

  • Stacking: The retailer allows manufacturers and competitor coupons to be used in combination with their own store coupons for the same item.

  • Doubling Up: Save those 20% off coupons and use them all at once for a major deal on one item. Take note that this practice is up to the discretion of individual locations. Just remember that the managers do go to great lengths to please their shoppers. However, if it does become an issue then read the fine print on the bottom of the coupon that states one coupon or discount per item. The implication is that the use of multiple coupons in a single transaction is limited only by the number of items being purchased. It is worth making a case for the extra discounts.

  • How to Use In-store Coupons Online: Take in-store coupons to the nearest retailer and have a representative apply the discount amount to an online order. It might also qualify for free shipping by completing the online order at the store and having it delivered directly to that location.

Insider Tip

There are two popular varieties of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons: one for 20% off and one for $5 off. But which is the better bargain? It depends on the purchase dollar amount. For instance, any merchandise up to $25 will benefit more using the $5 off coupon. For example, a $5 coupon used for an item selling at $15 is actually a 33% savings. For items over $25, it is a better saving using the 20% off coupon. Also, it is reported that coupons are still redeemable past the expiration date at varying stores.

Clearance Is Your Friend

As if the deals couldn't get any better, Bed Bath & Beyond also allows coupons to be used on their clearance merchandise. In most locations, newly marked down items can be found in shelving units or bins in the main aisles. Clearance products are also located within each department, on end-caps or among the overstocks. So as not to be missed, clearance racks are usually distinguished by yellow stickers.

Insider Tip

Check the clearance section on the company website for a bigger variety of deeply discounted items.

Take Heed of Their Price Matching/Price Adjustment Policies

As long as the items are identical and not part of a flash/clearance/liquidation sale or out of stock, Bed Bath & Beyond will match its competitors' prices. Just be certain to bring in the rival’s advertisement. Note that Bed Bath & Beyond does not consider membership clubs like Costco to be competitotrs.

Forgot your coupons? No problem. Bring them in with the original receipt and request adjustment for the difference as a gift card or money on your credit card. The great news is that online purchases also qualify. Although a specific time frame is not listed in the official rules, the decision is generally left up to individual locations. Most stores will honor price adjustments within a couple of weeks. Take note, however, that some shoppers have reported there is no time limit due to an unwritten policy that adjustments are made at the customer's convenience.

Insider Tip

If you have a savings certificate or coupon, you can either price match the item or apply the coupon, but the two discounts cannot be combined. Some reports state that Bed Bath & Beyond will price adjust to 20% off of any item bought item for cash back on the difference. However, there is a six-month limit from the time of purchase, and you must have your original receipt.

Embrace the Return Policy

Considered to be the best among major retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond has recently modified its return policy. In the past, customers could receive full store credit for returns without a receipt for products that had been used or were not purchased at that particular location. Currently, returned items without a receipt will only be counted as an exchange or get 80% of the current selling price as a store credit.

Insider Tip

Even without a receipt, it is still possible to get full value. Bed Bath & Beyond can look up a sale in their records and use it as a receipt for purchases made in the past year by credit card, gift card, checking account number or from a gift registry.

Greater Deals on Discount Gift Cards

Purchase sites specialize in offering discounted gift cards to maximize your savings. Right now, Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards are available for up to 7.9% off at! When you use those gift cards from on your next shopping trip at Bed Bath & Beyond, it will be like receiving an additional 7.9% off your purchases. The bonus is that the gift cards don’t exclude clearance items, promo codes or coupons.

The Way It Works

Search through the offered gift cards for Bed Bath & Beyond. You will then see listed the full value of the gift card on each listing, along with the seller's asking price and the money you can expect to save. When you buy a physical gift card, it will be shipped free of charge but why wait? Purchase an eGift card for immediate savings. It gets even better because there is no sales tax.

Insider Tip

How would you like a $5 credit to Refer a friend (or more) who makes a purchase from the site and snap up those extra bucks.

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This guide was published on April 14, 2015, and last modified on April 14, 2015.
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