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Mickey Mouse is possibly the most iconic cartoon character in history and Disney Store has become one of the world's largest retailers on the back of the little rodent. Disney Store doesn't just have Mickey Mouse gear, however. It has a complete collection of all the Disney characters that generations of families have come to love. Unfortunately, that broad selection of merchandise comes at a cost. It can get pretty expensive to shop at Disney Store. Fear not, though, Disney fans. Dealspotr has discovered a variety of methods to save money at Disney Store.

Read below for a breakdown on how you can get the best possible deal while shopping at Disney Store.

Shop Sales and Special Offers

How It Works

New Disney merchandise is always getting released, so to make room for the fresh stuff, some of the older items have to go. This leads to sales, some of which feature rather substantial discounts. There are usually sections at the physical Disney Store that have only sale items, but occasionally they are just mixed in with everything else, so it's wise to have a keen eye when perusing the racks.

It's a little easier on the website as there is a separate page dedicated to sale products. There is an option to sort by Most Popular, Highest Rated, Newest, Price and Alphabetic Order. You can also browse the sale section on a category basis by clicking the category you are interested in on the left side of the page. While not every sale price is incredible, there are rare opportunities to get as much as 90% off.

Insider Tip

Check out the "Special Offers" section on to for unique savings opportunities such as seasonal discounts, BOGO offers and deals of the week.

Use Promo Codes and Coupons

How It Works

Promo codes and coupons aren't always top of mind when shoppers visit Disney Store, but they absolutely should be. Disney Store frequently releases new promo codes and they are often very valuable. In fact, it's common to see promo codes featuring discounts of up to 50% off. While there are usually conditions attached to these promo codes that limit what you can use them on, it is possible, especially if you pay close attention, to redeem them on already-reduced sale items to create significant savings.

Printed coupons aren't quite as prevalent, but they still do exist. Especially during the holidays, Disney Store will often send out circulars with sales and coupons either via postal mail or as an insert in the local newspaper. Keep your eye open for these sales flyers.

Insider Tip

Join the Disney Store email list and follow the Disney Store on social media to get alerts whenever a new promo code or coupon is announced. This is probably the easiest way to keep abreast of any new promotions.

Visit In-Store Events

What Are In-Store Events?

Disney Store regularly holds events for its customers. These events are usually free and offer families a fantastic way to get an hour or two of complimentary entertainment. They typically include various activities such as story time, short film screenings and trivia. The best part? There are almost always freebies involved! Whether it's a button, a lanyard, a small action figure or something else; you're child is bound to come away with something.

Insider Tip

Don't miss out on Disney Store openings in your area. Disney Store tends to celebrate the opening of its new stores with grand events that feature valuable free gifts to those who arrive early.

Download the Disney App

Why the App Is Worth Downloading

It should come as no surprise that Disney Store would have a killer app given the company's legacy of technological innovation. There are several different benefits to having the app, but two in particular stand out for budget-conscious consumers.

The first is the ability to receive push notifications. Disney Store usually sends push notifications to let its app users know first whenever it has a major new product release or sale to announce. This early knowledge can prove very advantageous, especially in situations where stock for the new product or sale are limited.

The second benefit revolves around special offers that are contained within the app. Disney Store refers to them as "Pixie Dusted Prices". Products with Pixie Dusted Prices are labeled with sparkling stars, so keep your eye out for them when scrolling through the app.

Insider Tip

Disney Store does accept Apple Pay, so if you want to make the checkout process even easier while shopping from your iPhone or iPad, then that's an excellent option.

Weigh Getting a Disney Visa Card

Why the Card Makes Sense

For true Disney fanatics, the Disney Rewards Visa Card definitely merits consideration. There are a wide array of benefits to having the credit card:

  • $50 Cash Back on First Purchase: Disney doesn't mess around. Unlike many other store credit cards that give measly discounts of a few dollars on the first purchase, Disney goes all in with a $50 cash back offer. As a bonus, the cash back applies regardless of whether your first purchase using the card was at a Disney Store or not. The $50 is immediately subtracted from your first statement. Obviously, this means you'll want to spend at least $50 on that first purchase or otherwise you are basically throwing away cash.

  • Reward Dollars With Every Purchase: You'll earn one percent back in rewards for every dollar you spend using the Disney Visa Card. These rewards can then be redeemed for almost anything Disney related, including movie or theme park tickets, resort reservations, toys, clothing and accessories. If you use the Disney card for all your expenses throughout the year and pay it in full every month, you can probably rack up enough points to get quite a bit of free merchandise or a free theme park ticket, while not paying any interest or fees.

  • 10% Off $50+ Purchases of Select Disney Store Merchandise: Bear in mind that there are several exclusions, including theme park passes, books, DVDs, CDs, games and art among other things.

  • Discounts on Select Disney World and Disneyland Restaurants: A ton of dining establishments are eligible, but the discount does not apply to alcohol and is not valid on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day or Independence Day.

Insider Tip

There are several theme park perks for credit card holders, the most notable of which is a chance to do a free Character Meet 'N' Greet at a private location just for cardmembers.

Get Discount Disney Gift Cards from

How It Works

In case you aren't familiar with, it's a discount gift card site with gift cards available from thousands of stores, one of which is Disney Store. There are several Disney Store gift cards available for 3.5% off. If you are wondering why you'd buy a gift card for yourself, you are missing the bigger picture. Discounted gift cards provide shoppers an outstanding alternative for saving a few extra bucks.

Think of it this way: You buy two $25 gift cards on for $48.26 and buy $50 worth of stuff at Disney Store and you've just saved $1.74. It's not a huge savings, but every penny counts, right? Plus, it works in conjunction with any sales or promo codes, so if you play your cards right and combine your gift cards with sale items an promo codes, you an add a bit on top of what would already have been a great bargain.

Insider Tip offers both electronic gift cards and physical gift cards. The electronic gift cards can be printed for immediate use or redeemed online, while the physical cards are shipped to you via postal mail. Shipping is free.

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This guide was published on April 21, 2015, and last modified on April 21, 2015.
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