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The concept of group buying and daily deal vouchers on a grand scale is still relatively new and was pioneered by Groupon less than a decade ago. In that short time frame, Groupon has gone from being a tiny Chicago-based startup to a publicly traded company worth nearly three billion dollars and a global footprint.

Despite its incredible growth, Groupon is still a bit of a mystery to many shoppers. While it still has daily deal vouchers available for local stores, restaurants, events and services; it has expanded rapidly into other areas of e-commerce, including discounted merchandise via Groupon Goods and discounted travel via Groupon Getaways.

Most customers use Groupon to find deals, but even some of the site's most loyal customers aren't aware of the extent to which you can save by shopping at Groupon. Learn how to truly harness the discount power of Groupon by reading below.

Find Groupon Promo Codes

Wait, Groupon has promo codes? Isn't it already a discount site? The answer to both of those questions is yes. A surprising number of Groupon enthusiasts don't realize that Groupon offers promo codes. Somewhat regularly, Groupon releases new promo codes for its local deals as well as its Groupon Goods deals. The best place to find such promo codes is right here on Dealspotr.

How It Works

Groupon promo codes are often quite valuable and typically come in two different forms. Either they are for a discount of a set dollar amount (for example, $10 off any $100+ order or $10 off any facial/massage deal) or they are for a standard percentage off discount (for example, 20% off up to three local deals or 15% off any apparel Goods purchase).

Only registered users can purchase from Groupon, so you will need to set up a free account before you can buy anything and use a promo code. If you are purchasing a Groupon Goods item, you will be first taken to your cart in which there will be a "Proceed To Checkout" button. Once you click that, you will land on the "Complete Your Order" screen. If you are purchasing a deal voucher you will be taken directly to the "Complete Your Order" screen.

At the top of the "Complete Your Order" page is an item description area with the name of the deal or item you are buying with the price and quality listed. Directly underneath this is a somewhat hidden checkbox with the words "Use a promotion or gift code" next to it. In order to redeem the code, you'll have to check that box and then enter in the code in the field that pops in underneath the checkbox and hit apply. If the code is expired or incorrect you will get a warning that appears at the top of the page telling you the code is not valid.

Insider Tip

The terms and conditions of Groupon promo codes vary greatly. Some are valid site-wide, some only for deal vouchers, some only for Goods items and some only for particular types of deal vouchers or Goods items. Make sure to read the fine print carefully before expecting a promo code to work.

Shop the Clearance Section

How It Works

The Groupon Goods section has a special area where all of its clearance items reside. Since all Groupon Goods items are already drastically reduced in price, only the steepest of discounted items are featured on the clearance page. It's common to find clearance products that are up to 95% off. Making the clearance merchandise even more appealing is that it's often still of high quality. Top brands such as Cuisinart, Nintendo, Puma and many more have merchandise featured.

Insider Tip

All purchases of at least $34.99 come with free shipping and free returns. This is especially handy for clothing and jewelry purchases as you never know if the item will fit just right.

Accumulate Groupon Bucks

How It Works

Groupon Bucks are basically Groupon's version of store credit. Periodically, Groupon will run special promotions in which you can earn Groupon Bucks if you purchase particular deals or products within a specificed time frame. The easiest way to earn Groupon Bucks, however, is to take advantage of the Refer a Friend program.

Every Groupon user has a personal referral link that must be used to participate in the Refer a Friend program. To get your personal referral link from the web site, hover over your name at the top right of the page and click "Refer Friends, Get $10". You'll be taken to a screen that has an option to get your link or email it to your friends directly. You can also share it on Facebook or Tweet it. If you are using the app, you'll want to tap the three bar menu at the top left and then tap "Invite a Friend". From there you have the option to invite friends by email, text message, Facebook or Twitter.

Every time one of your friends signs up on Groupon and makes a purchase you get 10 Groupon Bucks that you can use on anything Groupon sells, be it a deal voucher a Groupon Good or a Groupon Getaway.

Insider Tip

Don't take too long to use your Groupon Bucks as they expire 180 days after the issue date.

Download Snap by Groupon for Cash Back

In the summer of 2014, Groupon decided to enter the cash back app arena by purchasing SnapSaves. Now branded Snap by Groupon, the app enables users to get cash back on select items sold at grocery stores.

How It Works

The app is actually very intuitive and quite simple to use. Unfortunately, you can't use your Groupon account to log-in, though, so you'll have to register for a separate Snap account. At least signing up is free and the only information required is your name, gender, age and email. Once you are logged in, you'll see an "Offers" screen that will contain all of the products eligible for cash back and the amount of cash back provided. If you've bought any of the items listed, then you have two days to "snap" a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app as proof of purchase. Once you reach a $20 threshold, Snap by Groupon will then mail you a rebate check.

Insider Tip

Every time you refer a friend to Snap and then redeem a cash back offer then you get an extra $1 placed into your rebate kitty.

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