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Kmart has long been a bargain shopper's best friend, offering low prices on a wide range of products. Now owned by the Sears Holding Corporation, Kmart continues to be a leading provider of affordable goods to this day.

Thought Kmart's regular prices are already rather low, there are a variety of ways to get even better deals at the store. Read Dealsptor's analysis below to learn how you can maximize your savings while shopping at Kmart.

Register for the Free "Shop Your Way" Rewards Program

What It Is

Shop Your Way has been around a few years now and has evolved into one of the most robust retail rewards programs in existence. There is no cost to join and membership includes a 90-day trail to Shop Your Way MAX, an Amazon Prime style free shipping program. Once the trial to MAX is over, you lose access to its free shipping perks, unless you sign up for it on an annual basis, which comes at a price of $39.

How It Works

Think about nearly every loyalty program feature you've ever heard of, add them all together, and you have Shop Your Way. It takes the concept of store rewards to a whole new level. Because it has such a multitude of features, it can be tricky to understand initially. Once you grow accustomed to it, however, you begin to see how powerful a tool it can be for saving money. In an effort to help you get started, we've broken down how the Shop Your Way system operates.

Points Serve as the Foundation: The Shop Your Way program is centered around the Sears Holdings Corporation companies (Sears, Kmart and former Sears-owned store Land's End) from a redemption standpoint, but the beauty of the program is that you can earn points from shopping at 150+ online partners and among those partners are most of the nation's biggest retailers. The one key point to remember is that you will only earn points when you click through to the partner website from For example, if you go directly to instead of clicking through from the Walmart page, then you won't get any points. Once you make that a habit, though, it becomes second nature and you'll start accumulating points every time you make an online purchase from a partner.

The amount of points you get differs by partner, but all of them provide at least a few, and it's made clear on their partner page how many points they offer. Occasionally, Shop Your Way will also offer bonus points for some merchants.

In addition to the aforementioned online partners, Shop Your Way also has another 35+ partners that give points when members enroll their credit or debit card.

Yet another option is to browse items by category. Just click the Departments button and you can see how many points the different products are worth. A slew of brands are in these categories as well, so the selection is broad.

"Surprise Points" are another a cool hidden feature in the Shop Your Way program in which you are periodically given extra points just for being a member. These points often do come with specific restrictions attached. One dollar equates to 1,000 points.

Capitalize on the Coupons: Points are great because they eventually allow you to get items at a discount or for free. In some ways, coupons are even better as they allow you to get items at a discount right now. Shop Your Way incorporates digital coupons into its program. There are a mix of store-wide coupons and coupons dedicated to specific categories or products. In order to use these coupons, just load them into a Shop Your Way account and they will be automatically applied upon checkout.

Don't Forget the Flash Sales: Visit the "Deals" section to check out the Shop Your Way flash sales. Powered by Groupon, the "Deals" section contains amazing prices, but they expire quickly. The "Deal Hesit" area of the page goes beyond Groupon and takes in limited time offers sourced by several web sites for a swath of products.

And Wait, There's More!: As if all of that wasn't enough, there are also social, interactive and gaming components to the Shop Your Way program. They all provide additional opportunities to save money directly or get guidance on saving money and Dealspotr encourages you to try all of these features and see which ones correspond with your shopping needs. Last, but not least, Shop Your Way also offers a special VIP program, which contains additional benefits.

Insider Tip

It's always a great feeling to win something for free and Shop Your Way even caters to that desire with their <a href=" target="blank">sweepstakes section. It's free to enter the drawings and they all have prizes, ranging from a few dollars to expensive cars.

Utilize Promo Codes and Coupons to Save More


How Kmart Promo Codes and Coupons Work

Shop Your Way is far from the only method to get coupons for Kmart. The store has a relatively accommodating coupon policy for in-store purchases and frequently releases promo codes that can be used toward online purchases. Kmart accepts manufacturer coupons and also has its own store coupons, but does not permit them to be stacked. At times, they also have double coupon promotions. A factor to keep in mind is that Kmart refuses any manufacturer coupons that are presented via mobile device.

As for promo codes, Kmart almost always has a few available. That said, they tend to be mostly for particular products or categories of products. Store-wide promo codes aren't quite as common, but they do pop up every so often. Be careful to closely read the fine print on those, though, as they often contain long lists of terms and exclusions.

Insider Tip

Check regularly and scan this Kmart page to see all of the most recent promo codes available. Kmart still uses the traditional methods of postal mail ads and print newspaper circulars as well, and those possess printed coupons occasionally.

Ring Up Huge Discounts by Shopping Sale Items

What Makes Kmart Sales Unique

One nice thing about Kmart sales is that you don't have to worry about large quantities of stock being excluded. Kmart doesn't sell luxury brands that are typically resistant to being a part of store sales. This makes for expansive sales that span every department in the store. Due to the store's many off-brand products, sales become even more potent because the discount price comes on top of a price that was usually already pretty low to begin with.

For items in which the quality doesn't really matter all that much, Kmart is an extraordinary place to shop because of its combination of low prices and sales. In fact, it's often inconsequential if the item fails to last very long, since the cost was so minimal.

Insider Tip

Take Kmart into consideration if you are around young kids and are planning to buy anything that has a good chance of being destroyed by them. It's better to buy a cheap $10 item than a nice $100 item when that item will inevitably be broken by the child.

Compare In-Store Prices to Prices

Why It's Worth It

Unfortunately, Kmart does not price match other stores, but it does price match its own web site. There are a variety of reasons as to why, but does periodically have cheaper prices than the brick-and-mortar stores. In these cases, you can show the cashier the price for the item and they are supposed to honor the lower online price. If the cashier or store manager gives you problems, and the item is eligible for in-store pick-up, then just order it online and come back to the store later to retrieve it.

Insider Tip

If you find an amazing price on a costly item that you can't presently afford, you can take advantage of Kmart's Layaway option. For a low service fee of $5 and a downpayment of $10, you can make payments every two weeks for eight weeks and then pick up the item at the conclusion of the eight weeks. The $5 service fee is well worth it if it allows you to grab an expensive product that you couldn't afford upfront at a huge discount.

Purchase Discount Kmart Gift Cards


Why It's Worth It

Say you could get 8.5% off every time you made a $25 purchase at Kmart. You'd go for it in a heartbeat, right? Well allows you to do exactly that by selling $25 Kmart gift cards for the discounted rate of just $22.87. It's an often-overlooked strategy for getting a few bucks off, but it works like a charm at Kmart. The cards are even electronic and arrive via email, so as long as you have access to a printer, you can use them at any physical Kmart location almost immediately.

Insider Tip

If you need a gift card in an odd denomination (like $36 for example), then you can buy a physical gift card from that will be shipped to you, rather than emailed. They have tons of denominations available, even down to the penny.

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