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Among the earliest entrants in the daily deal voucher space that exploded a few years ago, LivingSocial has outlasted most of its competitors and still stands tall as one of the industry leaders. Like all deal voucher companies, LivingSocial has a wide array of deals for local restaurants and services, but what separates LivingSocial is its emphasis on providing discounts for local events and experiences. It features an excellent selection of deal vouchers for various amusements ranging from boat rentals to couples massage to concerts. In addition, LivingSocial has branched out in recent years and now offers discounts on travel and a variety of merchandise.

Most people use LivingSocial to get great prices on goods and services, but there are a few secrets to scoring even better discounts. See below as Dealspotr reveals how you can save the most money while shopping at LivingSocial.

Use Coupon Codes

Follow us here for a minute. It's a bit confusing, but much like the movie Inception's dream within a dream storyline, LivingSocial has coupons within coupons. The site has coupon codes that can be used to get a discount on its deal vouchers (which are in and of themselves a type of coupon). It also releases coupon codes that can be used on travel or merchandise.

How It Works

In order to buy anything from LivingSocial, you first have to register for a free account. You have two very easy options ... either entering your name and email address or signing up with Facebook. Once you have an account then you can buy anything you want on the site.

LivingSocial does have site-wide coupon codes from time to time and these are the best and most easy to understand. They pretty much work on any local deal voucher, travel deal (called Escapes) or product purchase (found in the "Shop" category). The redemption varies slightly, however, based on what you are buying.

  • Using Coupon Codes on Deal Vouchers or Travel Reservations (Escapes): Click the deal voucher or you want to buy. After you do that, you'll land on a checkout page where you must click on the "Redeem promo code" link that is located above the continue button in small blue letters. That's where you'll enter the promo code and click apply. If the code is expired or incorrect, then you will get a warning message telling you the code is not valid.

  • Using Coupon Codes on Products: Once you find a product you want and click the "Buy Now" button, you will be taken to the checkout page. Unlike for deal vouchers, the redeem promo code link is located on the left hand side of the page underneath the product photo with a little + icon. Once you click on that link a box will appear where you can apply your promo code.

There are also LivingSocial coupon codes that only apply to local deal vouchers or Escapes or "Shop"/"Gifts" product purchases, so look carefully at each promo code as they are all clearly labeled. The redemption process is the same regardless.

Insider Tip

There are times when LivingSocial will automatically apply a free shipping coupon code, but this might not be the best code available. In these instances you'll have to remove the free shipping code and replace it with the code you want to use. Once you do this, you'll lose free shipping, so it only makes sense if the code you are using is worth a bigger discount than the shipping costs.

Acquire DealBucks

How It Works

DealBucks are LivingSocial's version of store credit. They can be acquired in a couple different ways, but the easiest is by taking advantage of the Refer-a-Friend program. Every time a LivingSocial member gets a friend to sign up for an account, the friend will automatically get $10 DealBucks put into their account that they can use towards almost anything on the site (it's rare, but there are ineligible items). Once the friend makes a purchase, then the referrer will receive $10 in DealBucks.

LivingSocial also periodically runs promotions in which it will give DealBucks to existing users if they buy particular types of deal vouchers or products. Keep your eye out for these DealBucks events as they don't come around too often.

Insider Tip

Friend referral DealBuck rewards are capped at 20 per month, so if you are recruiting tons of people to the site in the hopes of building up DealBucks then do it gradually over the course of a few months.

Be at Ease With the Good Deal Guarantee

How It Works

One really cool feature of LivingSocial is its Good Deal Guarantee. Within the first seven days of purchase, LivingSocial promises to give a full cash refund on any unredeemed, unscheduled deal vouchers you decide you don't want. After the first seven days of purchase (and before the deal expires), LivingSocial promises to give a refund in the form of DealBucks that can be used on another deal voucher.

Customers have 30 days to return unused and undated travel (Escape) vouchers for a full cash refund. Once a reservation is made, however, returns are no longer accepted.

As for products, LivingSocial gives a full refund on all returns within 14 days of delivery, but does require a $7.99 return shipping fee and that all items be in their original condition with the packaging intact and all accessories included.

Insider Tip

Returns are not permitted for books, beauty products, underwear, customized products and perishable items.

Shop for Gifts

If you are struggling to figure out what present you should get someone, then you should definitely visit the LivingSocial "gifts" section. They have a nifty search tool where you can pick the occasion and select the person's gender and LivingSocial will provide you a list of appropriate items and deal vouchers that are discounted up to 90% off. You even have the option to include a personalized email with the gift.

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This guide was published on April 14, 2015, and last modified on April 14, 2015.
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