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Old Navy has carved out an enormous niche in the fashion retail world by offering clothes that feel high fashion but have affordable pricing. A branch of the Gap Inc. family of clothing stores, Old Navy has locations across the world as well as a strong online marketplace.

Because we are dedicated to making consumers' dollar go further, Dealspotr researched Old Navy, looking for the many ways the retailer offers discounts and deals. We then compiled this list as a guide for shoppers to save more on the store's already-low prices.

Wait For SUPER CASH Time

What Super Cash Is

Old Navy's SUPER CASH is a periodic program that offers exclusive coupons. The coupon amounts are based upon how much you spend on your purchase in-store or online.

In-store customers are able to earn SUPER CASH coupons of $10, $20, or $30. Online shoppers are given even more of an incentive, as they are able to earn $40 and $50 coupons. Best of all, if a $40 or $50 SUPER CASH coupon is earned online, it can be redeemed in-store.

How It Works

During designated periods of the year, customers earn a $10 off coupon for every $25 that is spent online or in-store. The more a shopper spends, the higher the coupon's value. These coupons can then be used during a later SUPER CASH period.

$10 SUPER CASH coupons require a purchase of $25, $20 coupons require a purchase of $50, $30 coupons require a purchase of $75, and so on. However, if a customer has a larger coupon, say $30, there is no requirement to spend the $75+ to use it. That coupon can be used for smaller purchases to get $10 or $20 off; the downside is that the remaining value is forfeited.

There are some restrictions on which types of items are eligible for SUPER CASH coupons. Hot Deals and Everyday Deals are excluded online, and Fruit of the Loom products are excluded in-store.

Insider Tip

When making the initial purchase to earn your SUPER CASH card, consumers are able to use one discount. The eligible amount is determined after the discount has been applied.

Sign Up For An Old Navy Credit Card

What It Is

Like most store credit cards, the Old Navy Credit Card has some pros and cons. It is easy to rack up excellent benefits and perks but the high interest rate is a red flag for some consumers.

Regular customers of the brand will find that the Visa credit card is a great way to score hefty Rewards on purchases at Old Navy as well as those outside the Gap family of stores.

How It Works

The Old Navy Credit Card allows consumers to earn points when shopping at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta. Five points are earned for every $1 that is spent in-store or online. Outside those brands, Visa cardholders also earn a single point for every $1 spent. After earning 500 points, members receive a $5 reward.

There are events throughout the year which allow cardholders to score even more points. Additional cardholder benefits include early access to new items, exclusive deals on those new products, and pre-sale access to upcoming sales.

The highest level of Old Navy cardholder is the Navyist Card. This status is earned by accumulating over 5,000 points in a calendar year. Exclusive extras associated with this elite status include 20% Extra Rewards points each quarter, free basic alterations on any Banana Republic items, a private, toll-free priority help line, and free shipping on items when the code NAVYIST is entered.

During SUPER CASH periods, Old Navy Credit Card holders are able to use up to three rewards with each transaction that is made.

Insider Tip

Just signing up for the card racks up Reward points. Go paperless and enter your email address for 500 more points each.

Follow Old Navy On Social Media

Why You Should Follow

Old Navy has a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. The store's Facebook page often posts coupons which can be printed out and used in-store. Because the store's sales pass so quickly, this makes it easier to take advantage of all of their savings.

Insider Tip

Sign up for email notifications from Old Navy and get coupons sent directly to your inbox. Another great perk of registering your email is receiving a coupon on your birthday.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Promo Codes

How Old Navy Coupons Work

For in-store and online shoppers, Old Navy coupons are fairly simple and easy to find. Paper coupons are offered in a weekly ad. As mentioned above, check the store's Facebook page for printable coupons that are regularly posted. When shopping online, it is even easier to find coupons. In fact, Old Navy has a coupon page on its site.

Insider Tip

Search for "Everyday Steals" to find the latest items that are on sale on Sometimes the discounts are incredibly deep, and they offer free shipping on orders over $50. The only downside to "Everyday Steals" is the inability to use any other promos on the items.

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This guide was published on April 14, 2015, and last modified on April 14, 2015.
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