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Over the past five decades, Sorel has gradually become one of the leading brands in North America and beyond for fashionable boots. Sorel is renowned for blending expert craftsmanship with stylish design and that winning approach has gained it legions of loyal customers. While still primarly known for its boots, Sorel has also expanded into other areas of footwear, including women's sneakers and men's and women's sandals and liners.

Due to the priority Sorel places on quality, their products are a bit on the expensive side. Fortunately, there are an array of techniques that savvy shoppers can employ to offset some of that cost. Read more below to find out how you can save big when shopping for Sorel footwear.

Shop the Sale Section on

If you are out for a deal, the first place you should go when visiting is the Sale page. Though the selection is somewhat paltry, the massive discounts more than make up for the limited options. It's not uncommon to find boots and liners for more than 50% off. One thing to remember is that there are far more women's products available than men's in the sale section, so don't get your hopes up if you are looking for men's merchandise.

Keep Up With the Latest Rewards

Sorel launches seasonal promotions that include lucrative rewards. For example, Sorel has a very attractive offer to close out the summer. If you buy one pair of boots from their Fall 2015 Collection by August 31, 2015, then you will receive a $25 promotional e-gift card. The e-gift card gets emailed soon after the rewards period ends (in this case Sept. 1) and Sorel welcomes customer service calls at 888-697-6735 if you are having issues receiving the e-gift card. You must act fast when redeeming the cards, however, as they typically expire after a month.

Embrace the Easy Returns Policy

You can often find Sorel merchandise on that isn't available in-store. The downside is that you can't try on the footwear and there is always the chance that it won't fit quite right. That's where the Sorel Easy Returns policy comes into play. As long as the footwear is unworn and returned in its original box, you can return it within 60 days of the purchase date. Sorel will inspect the package to make sure it remains in the original condition and will then refund you within 2-3 business days.

Buy Sorel Items at Sierra Trading Post

Sorel footwear is sold at a wide range of retailers and sometimes at a much better price than it's available for on Our favorite option for buying Sorel products is Sierra Trading Post. The primary reason we prefer Sierra Trading Post (particularly the website is that it offers huge discounts on Sorel of up to 80% off and also has nearly 100 items in stock (although they are mostly snow boots with a few slippers mixed in).

Another reason Sierra Trading Post is such a great place to get Sorel products is that it frequently has high value promo codes available that can be added on top of most already-discounted items. One amazing deal we found recently was a pair of leather Sorel Slimshortie Blanket Boots that were $130 on for only $62.96 on (discounted to $89 with an additional 30% off due to a promo code). refers to promo codes as keycodes, so make sure to enter your code in there when checking out on the site.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sizes and colors of the Sorel inventory on is rather limited, so you might need to look around a while until you find something you like in your size.

Don't Forget Your Warranty

On the off chance that there winds up being a defect with one of your Sorel products within a year of purchase, the company will replace or repair the item. This can lead to significant savings, because it prevents you from having to buy a new pair of boots (or shoes/slippers).

How It Works

If you bought the merchandise at a physical retailer, then you can go back to the store and they should be able to help you out. The other option is to mail the product back to Sorel along with the completed waranty form, a brief description of the problem and the receipt. Once the product has been received, Sorel gives itself 4-6 weeks after inspection to return either the repaired item, a replacement or a similar item if the product has been discontinued.

Insider Tip

Clean the product before you mail it back to Sorel, otherwise they will return it to you unprocessed and will not honor the warranty.

Check Out Sorel Events

This last tip is unfortunately very limited in terms of who can take advantage of it, but it's still worth mentioning. Sorel has in-store events and release parties to celebrate big announcements or new product launches. The last couple of them have occurred in New York City, but one last fall did take place in Minneapolis. Should you happen to be at the location where one of these events takes place, it's worth the time to check them out as they usually involve free entertainment and refreshments and sometimes even giveaways. Like Sorel on Facebook or check out their events tab to see when the next event is happening.

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This guide was published on April 14, 2015, and last modified on April 14, 2015.
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